James Arrabito – Occult History of the Jesuit Order (1 of 10)

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  1. In the meantime, Mr. Arrabito's information exposing the terrible secrets about who the Jesuits of the Vatican really are and how they, not merely the Illuminati, or international bankers (as alternative media would have us believe) are at the heart of the devils plan to destroy, not only America, but the entire world, so they can place their "god" the pope, in dominion over it all! Thanks, Jim, for telling the Truth Jesus Christ style, fearing none. For that, we, with eyes and ears are blessed.

  2. Just learned this courageous man, Jim Arrabito, died in a plane crash back in 1990. Just wanted to say, he laid down his life for the "Cause." You see, the side of God is called the "Cause," while Satan's is called the "plan." Yes, presenting the Truth about how the Church of Rome with it's bloodhounds, the Jesuits, are at the core of the NWO will oftentimes, cost one their life. It's the line "they" won't allow one to cross, not without grave consequences. Jim's with Jesus now, job well done.

  3. From the 16th century onwards the Jesuits have been building a Roman Wall
    around the US.. and by the time of President Lincoln in the mid 1800's .
    the US was almost completely under Vatican control.. as the Walls of Rome
    were almost complete.. The Jesuits have infiltrated all levels of US government handing over the keys to their masters in the ROMAN CURIA.. Ever since then, the US has been fighting the Vatican's battles from the time of the Civil War to present day..

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