4 Replies to “James Arrabito – Occult History of the Jesuit Order (4 of 10)”

  1. The catholic faith is blind. If these people would actually read and study the bible they would see the catholic faith is a false religion and can be exposed very easily. That's all it comes down to. They have deceived people for far to long. They will turn on true Christians as soon as the nWO is tried to brought into power.

  2. 3:00 This sounds like how they feel about us.. this must be why they fonded the KKK (Lynching and hanging exploiting the Hebrews in America) Burning the cross on our porches to exploit our savior Yeshuaha…

  3. @isaaqphiri Please respect my savior and call him by his right name Yeshuaha Ben Yosef… He isn't that white pagan blue eyed "Jesus" the Jesuits made up for you.. He is skin of bronze hair like sheeps wool..

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