James Arrabito – Occult History of the Jesuit Order (7 of 10)

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  1. Ok now I see. They are using the Black Panther movement to make us look bad.. We built that movement to Defend ourselves from the KKK… They still lynch us and hang us until this day and the WHITE justice system still ignores these crimes until this day.. WHY ISN'T THERE A SYSTEM AGAINST THE KKK???? HMMM?? This is kind of bullshit now that I think about it.. Even the justice system is still biased against us Hebrews of america.. why?? stop trying to make us look like we work with the Jesuits

  2. Jesuits still black history, then Jesuits Lie about our history (provoking anger amongst blacks) then focus that anger towards the whites… Clever Satan… Very clever….

    Yah's people will not be fooled like this

  3. @thepeoplehunter You are right, I just found the documentary very interesting in relation to the Jesuit controlled Papal hierarchy, but this 7th day adventist "sunday law" being the mark of the beast, is exactly what you said – pure garbage (to say the least).

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