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Documentary on the fascinating history of the Jesuit Order. Launched by Ignatius Loyola in the 16th century to wage war against the Reformation, the Society of Jesus rapidly spread to every corner of the globe. The Jesuits insinuated themselves into the affairs of governments and churches, eventually earning expulsion from almost every nation in this world, including the Vatican itself!


18 Replies to “James Arrabito: The History of The Jesuits (198x)”

  1. Behind big Banks there are always Jesuits

    Jesuits are the scum of Earth
    Their iniciation practise is literally against human freedom
    Accodring to Rudolf Steiner who was the founder of Antroposophie
    and was forced to escape Germany after he was almost killed after
    he spoke in public against Jesuitism between the two world wars

    He expalined what those "spiritual" do exercises do to the human soul
    They enstrengten the human will and make an obideient machine out of the soul
    towards One's superior
    Jesuitism is the absolute obedience to the hiearchy of the pyramid

    After all our whole society is designed after these principles
    Blind obidience to the superiors

    Conspiracies like to mix with all the other orders however they are
    utterly differnt such as Knight Templars Masons Rosicrucianism

    Probably according to Szergej Prokofieff in hte history of times there
    has never been bigger difference such as between Jesuitism and Rosicrucianism
    they are complete oppsosition

    Jesuitism = blind obidience

    Rosicrucianism = Free Chioce. when the individual's conscience isnt suppressed by order

    After all, all military system, and bankin systems as well, follow the principels of Jesuitism

    The main idea, of which these conmspiracy theories are going along such as one world governemtn and NWO
    is based on jesuitism. There has to be a king of the world, and they use Jesus's personality to
    fullfill this agenda. Actually they are using the perosnality of the actual Pope, but in fact they obey to
    the General. Its a little bit ironic they vowed obedience to the Pope at the time of Lolyola's, but what happens
    when the actual Pope himself a jesuit.

    According to Szergej Prokofieff in Mason lodges there isnt anything but pure jesuitism
    jesutis infiltrated all the importatnt Freemason lodges and created for themselves the highest
    posotions in them.

    Jesuitism is the ideological father of Nazism and Bolshevism as well, when by order
    soldiers are ordred to kill with no soul or mercy.

    As long as there are jesuits and jewish bankers controlled by them we are doomed!

    The follwoings are a ew quotes about Jesuitism made by Szergej Prokofjev

    "For jesuitism there is nothin less at stake but to RULE THE WORLD. "

    "The Western Masonic Lodges are demonstrably working together with the Jesuits since 1802. They commited vicious deeds against Kasper Hauser"

    "The questions about spirituality and world-views ended up in the hands of Jesuits in modern times and the quiestions
    of Economics are ended in the hands of Anglo-American Lodges."

    "jesutism inspirated by Ahriman fights against the freedom of Thought."

    "The impact of Jesutismn is way-way more in the world than any of us would think, they take much efforts
    to keep back the Human Race from the Supersensible"

    "The goal of Jesutism is to present a fake picture of Christ and put a false image of him in front of the world "
    (They present Jesus as the king of the world, not Christ iasthe Spiritual Saviour.
    Jesus is the person, Christ is the God, in the future Christ will appear as a Inner etheric Vision for mature souled people, but
    never as physical being again)

    "Jesuists claim knowing the Supersensible is coming from the devil."

    "Jesuists support materialism, they claim Science has nothing to do with the Supersensible."

    "About what can be known about the Supersensible, Communists and Jesuists are totally agree."

    "Since Jesuits and Masons are seem to be enemies of each other the public can be deceived very easily"

    "Friedrich Schillert was poisoned by Illuminatist Jesuists and wasnt by his illness."

    "Jesuists are workin in the world for the sake of Satan (Ahriman)"

    "The Jesuit Order was created for the purpose of putting influence on the "Concious Soul" at the time of its dawn"


  2. Your effort to get to know the "fascinating history of the Jesuit Order" should be appreciated. It is a pity though that you seem to be guided by hatred rather than quest for truth. Accordingly the result is 95% hatred, 5% truth.

  3. Benjamin Franklin was specifically requested to design The Great Seal, and he said what the symbolism meant.

    Please try to read up on history before you go around showing people that you are unaware of it, so are trying to come up with your own version of history.

  4. The jesuits played both sides of the fence in the racial climate in the US for they were the ones pushing the false beliefs and doctrines of Black people that lead to the inhumane treatment Blacks recieved at the hands of White Catholic and Protestant Americans,which opened the door for the communist Movement in the Black Comminity

  5. Well, thank you for your calm reply, P0WAT0TH3P30PL3. That is better than most i see here on youtube.

    The origin of the Great Seal was a drawing depicting the Israelites leaving Egypt – nothing Satanic or "Jesuit" about it at all.

    We use Roman letters today to type here in youtube. Does that somehow make it "evil"? And if you wish to keep the subject to strictly Latin letters, is Latin somehow evil?

  6. Your logic is faulty POWATOTH3P30PL3.
    First, have you researched the origins of the Great Seal?
    Second, it is not idolatry at all.
    Third, it has nothing to do with being a symbol for the evil side.
    Fourth, please learn history about what language is used.

    May God bless you as you study to show yourself approved unto God.

  7. While Br. Arrabito shows much truth in history, he throws in a lot of speculation and outright falsehood. For example, he states that Franklin Roosevelt put the Masonic symbol of the Great Seal on the back of the US dollar bill. Actually, the design of that was by Benjamin Franklin, and is to represent the children of Israel under the watchful eye of God, leaving Egypt.

    Having said that, it is true that the Roman Catholic Church is inimicable to true Christianity and those who practice it.

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