Jason Cooley – The Jesuit Pope, Ambassador for Satan’s Global System – Agenda21

via: https://www.youtube.com/user/oldpathsbaptistmn/

Jesuit Oath: http://www.reformation.org/oath.html
Almost Forbidden Books: http://goo.gl/fvjtWA


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  1. The Pope, the false prophet, is gonna use the luciferian doctrine of the Lady of Fatima with the accomplishment of these supposed prophecies to basically devide the christians between those who believe in this false doctrine and those who don't. But the Globalists need to prepare the ground before that by pushing an economic crises, staging a terrorist nuclear attack or a world war. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. This is the jesuits' evil plan.

  2. Patriot act was authored by Viet Dehn , professor at George( jesuit) town university, prior to 911. " What a coincidence ?" Protestants used to know who the anti Christ was until the jesuits (satanists) infiltrated the seminaries etc.
           The anti Christ is addressing congress and the U.N. in September.

  3. wake up dumb asses,we're being screwed big time with all the lies…the catholic church always has been trying to lie the ugly deeds they  carried out in the name of religion since the begining…mans doctrine…not spiritualy as the true word of god..

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