Check out our exclusive member site: I hope you saw part one of my visit to Kanchanaburi. If not check it out first. I’ve headed off to see what Kanchanaburi has for a RIPper wanting a little more peace and quiet than what a city like Chiang Mai offers but wants to be closer to Central Thailand and Bangkok. Chiang Mai with its growth and being a major tourist destination is quickly losing some of its small town charm.

So what are some more options for a RIPper on a limited monthly budget? What does it cost and what is it like to live in a Thai city like Kanchanaburi? Can living only a little more than two hours from Bangkok really give us the quality of life we want? Can a category 1 RIPper (Retiree In Paradise) live well in Kanchanaburi? Well I am here to find out. Let’s see what the upsides and downsides are to living in a smaller Thai town in the Central area of Thailand are. Here is some more info and options about Kanchanaburi along with its history and some things that have put Kanchanaburi on my radar screen as a great place to retire to. So join with me as we dig in and explore what Kanchanaburi has to offer!

Kanchanaburi is actually pronounced gaan jà ná bù rii and is located where the rivers Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai meet. For most visitors the main sight of interest is the Bridge over the River Kwai which is pronounced khwaae as in air, which started the World War II Death Railway to Burma (now Myanmar).

There is an increasing amount of people taking advantage of the chilled-out riverside vibe for those that want to be close Bangkok but without the hectic pace. More foreigners are discovering why Thais know it as one of the most beautiful provinces in the country with its easily accessible waterfalls and national parks.

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20 Replies to “JC’s Road Trip – Living as a RIPper in a Smaller City – Kanchanaburi, Thailand Part 2-edited”

  1. Is there hematology, and gastrointestinal (both medication specialist) ..
    I have Luukemi can be flyttta down to Thailand then, or must you stay in the expensive Sweden (Ok, Italy, London, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland are more expensive) ..

    But if you can receive it (eg. Radiation and other things to fight blood cancer), I would move down ..

    Do not know where I counted, category 1, 2, 3 (12,000 Swedish kronor, 45 732 bathroom or $ 1352 – after-tax, your catogories was not sure (it was after tax, or after-tax, Housing and needed cost)?

  2. I find your videos strangely addictive. I love Thailand, am a frequent visitor and am planning to move there for eight months a year, basing myself in Chiang Rai. The plan is to buy a 250 cc trail bike and do the whole country.

  3. Great video as always, JC!  I have the same problem on my channel, but it is automatic match control and I always tell them that I did not put the music in the video with purpose and it was only a short clip that was a part of the ambiance and I never hear anything after that.  🙂

  4. Love your gentle nature – you come across well in these vids – the perfect introducer to retiring in Thailand – I'm not quite at that stage of life but I watch as I love Thailand and you have great tips and ideas for all types of travellers – hopefully part 3 up soon – great work jc –

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