5 Replies to “Jesuit Actor Pope Francis Defends Sex Abuse from his Gang Member in this Play from the Jesuit Order”

  1. I do not support "putting to death" any Human (or other sentient, sapient Being). It breaks the three Laws of Ethics, the first being: Do not willfully and without fully informed consent hurt or kill the flesh of anOther. And rather than "holding Him accountable," which does not solve for psychopaths in control, I suggest We work the problem of those psychopaths on a systemic level. I might hope that the foundation for a healthy society to emerge from that I suggest might be considered, and if value is seen, shared widely and often. See the less than 1 hour playlist on My channel.

  2. lol damn dude are you taking a lot of flak for repetitiveness? I think you're vids move at a good clip, repetition is helpful when dealing with numbers, they'll stand out more when you come across them in the future. Respecting, paying, fucking genuflecting to these scumbag, paedo criminals in their ridiculous regalia is a glaring example of the types of things that are upside down and basically retarded about our society, the more repetitively this is pointed out the better.

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