Jesuit Control of USA in 20th Century – Oil, Media & Commerce – Vatican NWO

The Jesuits have controlled America since the 19th century. However they really strengthened their grip on the USA in the 20th century. The so-called “alternative” media has a very bad “habit” of leaving out certain historical figures.

We hear so much about the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. But why don’t we hear about Nicholas F. Brady and Edward Doheny? Edward Doheny was RICHER THAN JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER! and Nicholas F. Brady sat on the board of at least 50-100 corporations in the USA and far east (Japan). Why don’t we hear about these two?

Is it perhaps because they are both Papal Knights?


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  1. I'm particularly stunned and amazed at how a man [Edward L. Doheny] who was RICHER than John D. Rockefeller has NEVER been brought up on ANY so-called "Alternative" media truth channels or websites….hmmm, something smells fishy.

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