Continue to watch these controversies concerning Pope Francis. I really do believe they are setting him up to be an anti-pope. Do you understand what I am saying? It is not a single pope or any single individual that is the ‘anti-Christ.’ It is the complete papal succession of popes or ‘bishop of Rome’ from Constantine the Great on. I would even include Constantine himself because it is the ‘usurpation’ of Christianity by imperial Rome that ushers in the ‘man of sin’ and ‘false prophet’ that arises out of the ‘removal’ or collapse of the pagan Roman empire. See my ‘man of sin’ photo album for better understanding here (” But the motive for Pope Francis to play an Antipope would provide a patsy or fall guy to be charged as the anti-Christ only to be removed and allowing for the ‘false church’ to exonerate themselves and its papal head from being the ‘genuine’ fulfillment of the ‘little horn’ …. ‘man of sin’ …. ‘false prophet’ …, all of which are synonymous with the ‘anti-Christ’ title.
But what is really confusing about this ‘no hell’ statement by Francis is that he is actually correct but since this goes against the majority teaching of ‘eternal torment’ in a ‘lake of fire,’ a false teaching that comes from the harlot church itself, it really puts him as an antagonist of sorts against the status quo. It really is a complex situation.
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I highly recommend reading Joseph Benson’s Commentary on Revelation, chapter 13 here:


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  1. I think they are trying to Create a " Great Falling Away " All Right, but I think the FAKE Antichrist that will sign a " 7 year Peace Deal " will Probaly be some Doofus Politician. They havent spend so Much Effort on the Futurism Deception for the Papacy to be Off the Antichrist Hot Seat for Nothing, they will have someone Else Sign that PHONY Peace Covenant. Then the Futurists will Believe " a Politician " is the Antichrist, while the REAL Antichrist Papacy sits Quietly Observing. God bless

  2. Now the truly amazing part of all this is that the Futurist theory dominates Protestant teaching today. About all you hear or read about today is the yet-to-appear antichrist, who will be unveiled in the last 3 1/2 years of Daniel's 70th week, when he declares himself to be God in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. That scenario, as you can now see, is directly traceable back to the pen of the Jesuit Francisco Ribera. Note what one Protestant writer had to say over one hundred years ago:
    Next we come to consider the time of the rise of the Futurist system as we now have it, and the occasion which led to it.
    So great a hold did the conviction that the Papacy was the Antichrist gain upon the minds of men, that Rome at last saw she must bestir herself, and try, by putting forth other systems of interpretation, to counteract the identification of the Papacy with the Antichrist.
    Accordingly, towards the close of the century of the Reformation, two of her most learned doctors set themselves to the task, each endeavouring by different means to accomplish the same end, namely, that of diverting men's minds from perceiving the fulfilment of the prophecies of the Antichrist in the Papal system. The Jesuit Alcasar devoted himself to bring into prominence the Preterist method of interpretation, which we have already briefly noticed, and thus endeavoured to show that the prophecies of Antichrist were fulfilled before the Popes ever ruled in Rome, and therefore could not apply to the Papacy. On the other hand the Jesuit Ribera tried to set aside the application of these prophecies to the Papal Power by bringing out the Futurist system, which asserts that these prophecies refer properly not to the career of the Papacy, but to that of some future supernatural individual, who is yet to appear, and to continue in power for three and a half years. Thus, as Alford says, the Jesuit Ribera, about A.D. 1580, may be regarded as the Founder of the Futurist system in modern times.
    It is a matter for deep regret that those who hold and advocate the Futurist system at the present day, Protestants as they are for the most part, are thus really playing into the hands of Rome, and helping to screen the Papacy from detection as the Antichrist. It has been well said that "Futurism tends to obliterate the brand put by the Holy Spirit upon Popery." More especially is this to be deplored at a time when the Papal Antichrist seems to be making an expiring effort to regain his former hold on men's minds. Now once again, as at the Reformation, it is especially necessary that his true character should be recognized, by all who would be faithful to "the testimony of Jesus."
    In what could only be described as a stunning reversal, Protestants have over time actually become the papacy's greatest ally by spreading its Jesuit spawned propaganda. What irony that Protestants, who originally broke away from what they clearly recognized to be the harlot antichrist led church of prophecy, now champion the Futurist interpretation from high profile global ministries. Futurism has without doubt, been successful beyond the wildest dreams of its Jesuit authors. The same can be said for the Preterist interpretation of Luis De Alcazar, although to a lesser degree.

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