Jesuit-Illuminati maintain surplus puppet “White-Pope” to legitimise claims to British fiefdom.

The Puppet “White-Pope” [puppet of Jesuity] is maintained as a figurehead to justify the power that the Jesuits can glean from the 1213 and 1215 concessions of King John. It seems nominally that Britain and America are fiefs of the White Pope but the “Papacy” is now that Black-Pope and the Jesuit Order thus the fiefdoms of Britain and America are Jesuit fiefs. World domination laid out by Los Alumbrados (the Illuminati of 1492-1534 [proto Bavarian-Illuminati]) before brief delay as Alumbados morphed into Jesuit Order to supposedly protect the Papacy but in truth to eventually take it over to use as a vessel of the thrust towards world dominion. Jesuit superior General Lorenzo Ricci had Adam Weishaupt revive the plan of the Alumbrados. US and UK military might directly due to their position as Papal vassals.


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