Jesuit in Control of Congress. EU Fight Sunday Law Ban. Catholic Political Muscle. Pope Common Good

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  1. The catholic religion has been unconstitutionally elevated above all other religions in this country. I am not so worried about a Sunday Law actually getting passed. But the bigger concern already is the fact Catholicism is elevated above all others.

  2. I think this guy has a really great perspective for the most part. But I feel like some of the SDA doctrine ruins his message. Ellen White does more to hurt the sabbath keeping cause, than help it.

    She was not a true prophet. She had false prophecies. One false prophecy is all it takes. I have a lot of books from the 1600s,1700s,1800s, 1900s. She was merely well read, and seemed to just "barrow" from writers like James Aiken Wylie and earlier writers.

    Not only did she prophecy falsely, but she cost a child their life when she said she said quinine was a substance that should not be used. Even though it is a natural substance which can help with malaria.

    The bible is plain enough on its own to realize the sabbath was never done away with or changed. We do not need her having a vision to figure this out.

  3. My tears flow when I heard this sermon and I feel its really true, the more I experience trials in my life the more I am searching for Jesus, and I know that he loves me because he leads me to the truth thank you for this sermon I appreciate a lot for the Pastor who struggling their faith to share the present truth God bless

  4. I surely appreciate your sermons, if only the churches were preaching these end time messages! Preachers aren’t preaching it, people aren’t studying the Bible or EWs writings, a sleeping church unprepared for what is about to come upon the world.

  5. There are a lot of SDA churches not preaching Present Truth..Here in Las Vegas, the church is in Apostacy and I am a witness to it..They have past out The Great Hope book to new members..They don't want to talk about Ellen White..They need prayer..God is coming real soon. His remnant is not ready..Marantha!

  6. Everyone that will reach the 'sinless condition' of Adam will reach it BY FAITH IN THE ATONING BLOOD OF CHRIST.. to say we are SINLESS removes the Merits of Christ…Who is OUR SAVIOR AND OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. When we are Glorified then our flesh will have no sin In us. We will NO longer struggle with sin.. WE WILL BE SINLESS. We must understand CAREFULLY Sister White's writings and how they are compiled.💕

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