Jesuit Infiltration and The False Prophet Connection w/ David Carrico- NYSR on Truth Frequency Radio

Jesuit Infiltration and The False Prophet Connection w/ David Carrico- NYSR on Truth Frequency Radio
We now have the first Jesuit Pope. What does that mean? Who are the Jesuits?
In this episode Jon Pounders and John Hall of NYSR/NYSTV interview David Carrico about the history, present and future of the Jesuit order and how it plays into the coming of the False Prophet mentioned in the Bible.


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  1. Do you mean because I'm hetro and my wife is a nymphomanic , I can bang her all the way to heaven? Is that why they call it the missionary position? And what is heavens correct measure of such sweetness? ( Twice a day ; once a day; once every other day,; twice a day; once a week ; once a month; once every second full moon;only at every opportunity;…….)

  2. I had my doubts about a girl once till i saw a pink unicorn in her car.These are symbols of lgbt. I later found out she was gay. When they wave that rainbow in the air they are shoving it in gods face, though the majority of them are oblivious to this fact. Why did god hang his bow in the sky? After he destroyed the earth for the wickedness of man he repented. But now in hindsight im not so sure he should have repented.we learned nothing by the flood. Bring on the fire lord… and burn this generation selah.

  3. When we comes to the understanding of truth, we see it is the way of spirit in which ones goes, by measure, the way of the spirit of life of God within us, understanding that Error in the way of spirit, a State of being in error in truth, reflects in ones way of spirit manifesting truth: the fruit of the Spirit, whither ones way in truth preserves life providing peace and comfort, deliverance of peace in having understanding, or whither one continues in error in the warring spirit of destruction and unrest; that through the way of the spirit of truth of Christ Jesus we have deliverance even so we go the way giving deliverance in the way of the spirit of life that feeds and preserves life of love, as fruit of the spirit, wholly in love… Surely we can see in spirit the nature of people, and animals, the diversity of ways of spirit truth, yet in the likeness of one another, of the way of the spirit in life, even as wild beast, the predators and prey, the ways of the spirit of death taking the life of another, and the ways of the spirit of life such as a docile sheep or doves how they are in spirit in such of a kind nature, even the Doves mating for life and such…. We see the way of spirit of the Goat, which is territorial and pushes people around in its way, in relentless pursuit, harming people of the way of its nature, even as we see the the Sacrifice of the Jews of the way of the Lord, the way of spirit in the way of the Scape Goat, which is much like what we see in the way of spirit of the Jews and those of "Ishmael"s way of spirit as a goat "fighting" everyone over territory of the Jews, those that he does, that they are sacrificed as animals of God, of the way of the spirit of preserving life, of the Jews, holding upon the things of God seeking to have the blessing of God, which way of spirit we see is Jacobs troubles, going the way of God, in his way of error (not yet having deliverance through Christ) in spirit holding upon the things of God expecting a blessing, which we see in spirit Jacob's way of force holding onto the Angel until he received a blessing, a blessing he already had, in his walk in the way of God, the Angel appearing in his path…. So it serves Mankind well seeing in Spirit, having their eyes opened, in going the way of Jesus, even as Paul, in his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus, given to go the way, where he then had his Eyes opened some time later, in going the way of Jesus, when he met one in the way of the Lord, of the spirit of truth, who did open Paul's eyes, in the spirit of the way of Jesus, making the connection though he was blind going the way of Jesus, to then see in spirit the truth. It is the hope that all who go the way of Jesus have their eyes opened, receiving of the Spirit of Truth, to see in spirit, in going the way, as written. Those who ask receive, in the way of the spirit of the Lord, of Truth. Amen!

  4. It's been proven Hitler didn't die.. The piece of skull the Russian has was a woman.. The DNA proved that… Yes Hitler was a Jesuit. And the Germans surrendered not the Nazi, not one Nazi was there, do you really this the Jesuits would ever surrendered?

  5. To me, LGBT stands for Lost Girls & Boys & Trannies! Read a real Bible, not these new blasphemous translations! I can talk because GOD saved me from that lifestyle which is a CHOICE! I wasn't born that way, no matter what Lady CaCa sings! I am just so glad that I never was promiscuous because I was raised in a GOD fearing family, I lost my way but I came back. I was never abused in any way but a lot of those people are and that is a tragedy!

  6. The Roman Catholic church has been paganized for over a millennium! Now they have a Jesuit pope who has made the law of GOD of no effect! He is a heretical, apostate pope! Just listen to the crap that comes out of his own mouth! Example= being a sodomite is ok(no, it's a SIN and an abomination in GOD's eyes!), the cross was a failure! What Bible is he reading?! The cross was Jesus Triumph as 3 days later HE ROSE FROM THR DEAD!! It's 2017 and this and more has come from his lips! He is nothing but a fraud of the WORST kind, a hungry wolf in sheep's clothing! Look at the HISTORY of the Jesuits, Francis Loyola was an agent for Satan! Read their OATH! They were made to stop the Protestant Church!! They didn't want the people to read the Scriptures, why do you think their mass was in Latin(a dead language)500 years ago!


  8. I was just listening to one of the new Jordan Maxwell interviews, I believe it was with Jeff Rense. In the beginning of the interview on this page it talks about the Carrol family donating land in Washington DC for the Capital building to be built. In the Rense interview Maxwell mentions his ancestry includes THE CARROL FAMILY. Interesting.

  9. You guys really need to have Johnny Cirucci on your show. He has so much history on the Jesuits. He loves talking and spreading the truth about what all the Jesuits are behind. He has his own website and is on fb. I'm friends with him and he told me, if I ever needed any proof to back anything up on this subject, to get ahold of him. He's a born again Christian. He will send any proof if you email him. He had a book. I think it's 800 pages with all the proof of everything he says. I think he'd be a great guest to have on with David. I'm telling you, you wouldn't believe what all they're behind. He even goes back to before the beginning of this country. But they are so entertwined in the foundation of this country, to the French and Indian War, Lincolns assassination and their ambassadors were banned from this country until Reagan had Billy Graham (high level Mason) in his ear…check him out

  10. ………yore tied to the Word…….still life without hope……because I AM HOPE and you just can't seem to break your chains ……calico cat tail that sits as a fat self righteous judge on us 'sinners' will be my first meal

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