Jesuit Oath Of Induction

The Jesuit Extreme Oath Of Induction. It really is in the Library of Congress. This story is a must read you will learn a great deal about this oath.

Full screen shots are here:

Or just go to the direct sources and read the information.

If you want to know the truth:
Go to the Library of Congress Catalog Record, do a basic search. type in Knights of Columbus vs. criminal libel and malicious bigotry.

This permalink might work:
Call number: HS1538.C74 A4

Time Magazine
Great & Fake Oath (Note: 2 pages hit the next button to see the real oath.)
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Anti-Catholic Jail for slanderous fake oath.,9171,928358,00.html

The Jesuit Oath Debunked

Also take note there are several versions circulating the net.
Here is a PDF: Found on scribd that has the phony oath – see their note at the bottom of the pdf.

People really believe this fake Jesuit Oath as gospel truth. You have to ask yourself what would motivate a person to want to believe this at face value when there is evidence to give us the truth.

You might note that these individuals also mix the Christian faith with their conspiracy theory beliefs.

What a coincidence? Jesuit infiltrator has the exact same vid as canada5572





Here is youtube search to see more examples of this false thought.

And Yahoo – 1 – 10 of 484,000 for

Jesuit Oath

And Google – 1 – 10 of about 294,000 for Jesuit oath.

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction
Google search
No surprise getting returns like:: (you can always count on wiki to be an un-reliable source!)


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  1. At the end of the day the Papacy and Roman Catholicism are fraudulent impostors who have misrepresented the Son of God for hundreds of years. Along with the rest of mainstream Protestant christianity – they have formulated and propogated false doctrines and Papal heresies that have led to and caused the deaths of millions of innocent victims of Roman Catholic crusades and Inquisitions. The Cross and the Sword are a LIE of the Devil. Constantine was a Liar who still continued to murder and commit Pedophilia even when he was supposedly 'Converted' ! Yeshua the Son of God never taught his followers to go to war, to kill infidels, enemies etc ! The Devils work commited by Roman catholics and other Christians over the Centuries are the total opposite of what the Mashiach taught ! A Good Tree does not bring forth evil fruit – and yet the 'so called Vicars of Christ' have reaped so much satanic evil over the centuries ! The Vatican and Catholicism is an Evil tree watered by Lucifer the devil, the Fallen morning Star- who is also called Beelzebub and Satan. No Pope has ever walked on water or replicated the miracles performed by the Son of God. Why not ? Because they don't have the Light of Truth or the Power of the True Living God and his son Yeshua in them ! They are of their Father – the Devil !

  2. Catholic Answers you have no idea what you are talking about, you especially make yourself look very stupid. There is enough historical evidence out there condemning the Jesuit order, especially a lot of very good priests in the past. Get your facts straight and the knights of Columbus are another despicable order.

  3. Were those rapes fake, because those have been admitted to, and not to mention the ritual sacrifice case that is going on right now, anyway keep allowing the atrocities to be swept under the table and when it happens to you maybe you will see that its not so absurd to say.

  4. I dont know if that oath is true or not but they sure did practice it. .. . .pretty good discription of the inquistion
    get ready for the one true messiah to come in the clouds with the nails and spear scars. We will all then be Judged truly, everything in the full light of day. If nothing has been done then no one has a wee bit of aworry.

  5. If it's real then tell me why all Christian Book stores took it out of their shelves? Why did Walter Martin (a stout Catholic debater) called his comic books EVIL?

    If it's real then tell me why Rivera was arrested and sent to prisons on many times? BTW…. did you know he stole the donations from his own Baptist Church?

    I have quotes from Christianity Medias if you care to see it. AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN CATHOLICS.

  6. Yes, it's real. My grandma who grew up from the rurals of the Philippines was taught by the Jesuit Priests and she knew well their conduct and their strict observation of their vows. They established a lot of schools and universities and hospitals way before Protestant Reformation

    Becareful though of what Jack Chick spread about Jesuit conspiracies throughout his comicbooks publication and the false Jesuit Bishop Alberto Rivera. Rivera was never a Catholic and Chick was like Dan Brown.

  7. The issue is whether or not the Oath is a hoax.

    According to you it is, however, the Jesuit Douay Rheims seems to suggest otherwise.

    Since I'm a HERETIC I guess you have permission from the Jesuits to execute me-RIGHT?

  8. Rheims NT-Jesuit annotations

    Matt 13:29

    "The good MUST TOLERATE the evil when it is so strong that it cannot be redressed without DANGER & DISTURBANCE of the Church [RC]…Otherwise where ill men be they HERETICS, may be punished or suppressed…& ought by PUBLIC AUTHORITY either spiritual or temporal to be chastised or EXECUTED"

    You have been deceived by the RCC hook, line & sinker but that is to be expected from a Sth Baptist who can't even find the inspired word of God in his own language

  9. Rheims NT 1582-Jesuit annotations

    Apo 17:6

    "The Protestants foolishly expound it of Rome [RC Church] for that there they put HERETICS to DEATH & allow of their PUNISHMENT in other countries: But their blood is NOT called the blood of SAINTS no more than the blood of THIEVES & MANKILLERS: for the shedding of which by order of justice no COMMONWEALTH shall ANSWER"

    Seems to fit in perfectly w/ the "fake" Jesuit Oath!

  10. yeah..people need to just leave each other alone an worry about themselves, people will believe what they believe, no one will change their minds or vice versa, unless they want to, too many wars are fought over religion, an we have enough wars over greed, territory, and power as it is

  11. @Angelstar4Christ Good to see you around. I wholeheartedly agree. They and all MUST have an invitation to repent of their sin and receive Christ, his perfect shed blood, and work on the cross to get into to heaven, Matthew 22:1-14 KJB.

  12. @CODHVideos Well slave is a term used for Atheistic (Religion). We are Servants and we Got the Wages or Salary (Reward) by the End of Our Work and Service (Dooms Day).

    Nice talking to someone who is no one in this World. You better realize that you will die unheard…. Slave of Death.

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