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  1. Test every spirit with the WORD of God, saints, Eric Phelps and Craig Oxley both UNSAVED heretics preach the Satanic gospel of damnation Calvinism which is nothing but a Works + Grace false doctrine the exact doctrine that the Catholic Church teaches with is Works + Grace, its disguised of course but only a true saint can tell the difference then Alan Lamont teaches LORDSHIP SALVATION which goes hand in hand with Calvinism and Arminianism, these are Jesuit created religions and roman Catholic.

  2. Examine every spirit with the light of Gods WORD and defend the true gospel the good news that all who believe the gospel shall be saved, this is the immutable (unbreakable) promise from God that if you believe in his Son Jesus that he died for your sins and was raised for your justification you will be sealed with that holy Spirit of promise an eternally saved born again saint in Christ amen.

  3. Watch out for these snakes, Calvinist Paul Washer and John Piper who will tell you that you must prove yourself worthy of salvation which is pure works heresy and Roman Catholic at that, as these guys are agents of Lucifer.. John Piper interviews One World Church and UN spokes person on religion Rick Warren who is another UNSAVED heretic and nobody questions this? WAKE UP saints, they are attacking the bible, repent of your sins is found in the NLT not the KJV, their trained liars WAKE UP.

  4. These snake will make God a liar by telling you that his promise is not eternal and that salvation is based on how good you are and not on Jesus perfect finished work on the cross.. The will tell you that you must repent or turn from your sins in order to receive the free gift they add to the finished work and the simple gospel..This is what's known as LORDSHIP SALVATION, Calvin preached perseverance of the saints in order to be saved which is a lie from Satan and not the word of God.

  5. This name jesuit wont get out of my head since someone from the church i go to prayed over me and mentioned this name in the prayer when praying for me. i also seen words on the projector screen when people was singing but as soon as they put it on they remove it straight away. strange or what

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