4 Replies to “Jesuit Order Occult History pt.9_10”

  1. @WulfBand My pleasure. And thanks for posting this video, people need to know this stuff. It's actually far worse than this video shows, but good enough. The mainstream and all secret societies are controlled and were created by Luciferians. Before long, the UFO disclosure will take place and the NWO will twist it to their globalist advantage. Then, the mark 666. The "Maitreya" will most likely be the false prophet. Did this video mention Francis Borja?

  2. Satanism permeates and controls all mainstream movements. Ellen white and her 7th day advents are no different. Catholicism was designed by Satanists as a front of Christianity. When her usefulness is exhausted, she will be destroyed.

  3. I think that your series has given more evidence towards spirituality than christianity. But thats because i have a vastly different world constructed in my head than perhaps any person who has been subjected to religious and/or social conditioning to the point where it actually all stuck.

    Thanks to the speaker/creator of this series to put so much effort into your research.

    Thanks for posting it.

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