Jesuit Pope Creating Another French Revolution. Lincoln Rome Dark Cloud. Facebook New World Order

“The policy of Rome had wrought out those conditions, social, political, and religious, that were hurrying France on to ruin. Writers, in referring to the horrors of the Revolution, say that these excesses are to be charged upon the throne and the church. (See Appendix.) In strict justice they are to be charged upon the church. Popery had poisoned the minds of kings against the Reformation, as an enemy to the crown, an element of discord that would be fatal to the peace and harmony of the nation. It was the genius of Rome that by this means inspired the direst cruelty and the most galling oppression which proceeded from the throne.” – GC, 276, 277


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  1. Thank you pastor for that wonderful message but my only concern is the piano that is played during the finishing prayer.Is there a Bible verse that supports this?.I find it noisy when all is supposed to be quiet when we humbly come to God in prayer.Thank you pastor and may our good Lord richly bless you together with your loved ones.

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