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Knights Templar History – the founding of the order
In 1099 Crusaders led by Godfrey of Bouillon took Jerusalem back from the Turks. The founding of the Knights Templar was initiated shortly after this date by Bernard of Clairvaux, a member of the Cistercian Order.
Knights Templar History – the Temple of Soloman At first the Knights Templar had no church and no particular place of to live. In 1118, nineteen years after the freeing of Jerusalem, King Baldwin II of Jerusalem, granted the Knights Templar a place to live within the sacred enclosure of the Temple on Mount Moriah. This place was amid the holy structures which were exhibited by the priests of Jerusalem as the Temple of Solomon. The “Poor Fellow-soldiers of Jesus Christ” became colloquially known as “the Knighthood of the Temple of Solomon” and subsequently the Knights Templars.

Knights Templar History – the Master of the Order Hugh de Payens was chosen by the knights to be the superior of their new religious and military society. The new order took vows of poverty and chastity, and the king granted them quarters within the Temple of Solomon – hence their name Knights of the Temple, or Templar. Hugh de Payens was known by the title “the Master of the Temple”. Hugh De Payen and the Knights Templar returned to France in 1127

Knights Templar History – the wealth of the Knights Templar
The first donation of land was given to the Templars in 1127 by Count Thybaud of Champagne at Barbonne-Fayel, fifty kilometres north-west of Troyes. Hugh de Payens was granted the land for the first Temple Church in Holborn, London in 1128 where the original Knights Templar Temple was built. The temple was the first round church and consisted of gardens, orchard, boundary ditch and cemetery.

Knights Templar History – the Council of Troyes
St. Bernard, Hugh de Payens travelled to Rome, accompanied by Geoffrey de St. Aldemar as well as four other brothers of the order ( Brother Payen de Montdidier, Brother Gorall, Brother Geoffrey Bisol, and Brother Archambauld de St. Armand ). They were received with great honour by Pope Honorius, who approved of the objects and designs of the holy fraternity. The Knights Templar History moved on and in 1128 the ecclesiastical Council of Troyes gave the Knights Templar official recognition and granted their rule of the order. The Council of Troyes was instigated by Bernard of Clairvaux and the Knights Templars were represented by Hugues de Payen and Andre de Montbard. The Papal approval at the Council of Troyes resulted in many new recruits joining the order

Knights Templar History – the Rules of the Knights Templar Order In 1130, Bernard of Clairvaux drew up the rules for the new Knights Templar order. Bernard set up the order with two main classes of knighthood, the knights and sergeants or serving brethren. Sergeants or serving brothers wore a black or brown mantle to show their lower status, whilst the Knights wore a red cross granted by Pope Eugenius III. Married men who joined the order could only join as sergeants, their property coming into the possession of the Order rather than to their wives upon their death.

Knights Templar History in Spain
In 1130 the Knights Templar order were receiving privileges from Alfonso I of Spain. The Templars helped the rulers of Catalonia and Aragon regain land from the Moors. King Alfonso I granted the Knights Templar exemption of tax on a fifth of the wealth taken from the Moors and on his death he left a third of his kingdom to them. This was later successfully contested but the Templars were given land in Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia and Mallorca.

Knights Templar History – the Knights Templar order becomes responsible to the Pope A Papal Bull was issued in 1139 by Pope Innocent II, a protege of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, stating that the Knights Templar should owe allegiance to no one other than the Pope himself.

Knights Templar History – The Splayed Red Cross Emblem
The Knights Templar History saw 1146 as the year when the Knights Templar order adopted the splayed red cross as their emblem. The Battle cry of the Templars was “Beau-Séant!” which was the motto they bore on their banner.


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  1. You mate are a purposefully manipulative deceiver of truth , I see that this is a intended full per version of this order also there relation to christ . in days gone past this debt you accumulate would have been paid with your life oh hangon a minute , past times are to be present again for a short time only , how will you face your maker . begging for forgiveness in those last moments , you had better seek Jesus for he truly will cleanse you , wash all sins from you he genuinely forgives such Cretans alike yourself , he truly in pure love truly restores the most vile, however yet you make it to Jesus in sin and filth of pervasions of truths gods men are not so forgiving nor will cleanse you ,they will infact render you dead in battle nor more in holy war , this is whom the those nights of holy men be seated of the round old blood wood oak table , at the centre was an empty void a space at the centre of these men , a king named author was the creator of value accumulated by enactment of giving of coin ,or gem,or gold or ring to the centre or void the space at centre of round table a charity to all that is void or empty of value , this value in charity grew into greater vast value then of coarse became power , great power , power so alive no one man could restrain it , the seed of enactment in charity to give one thing of some value accumulated , is the creation of the greatest of powers that men formed its creation , if you seek the treasures of the templars then first you need understand charity.

  2. That processional cross does not belong to Francis, it is one of many in use in the Vatican. I am not a fan of Francis by any means. The Templars may have borrowed the symbol of the Lamb of God, Jesus, at rest holding a cross with a banner, but it is much older than the Templars. It is commonly used as a symbol of The Resurrected Jesus. Francis is a Jesuit, true. But he is not the so called Black Pope. That title was given to the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the official name of the Jesuit order. Having said that, the Jesuits do have a nefarious history.

  3. I wish he is really a knights Templar.
    Because Those were the Cathars, protectors.
    I hope you can understand their killing was wrong and that history will eventually bring them back.
    The Cathars knew the value of true Christianity.
    The Christianity Jesus would have wanted for the world.
    The Pure and Loving Christianity obviously had to be defeated and by whom ? not even another Religion like Islam , IT was ethnic cleansing by The Trinatarian / Catholics.
    So plz think Again your religion i think it is about time to give Love a chance.

  4. It's the same TWO factions working together…who falsely condemned and brutally crucified our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ….ROME(military/government arm. Today's POPE=yesterday's Caesar and Pilate) + Israel(Jerusalem): Today's Netanyahu(Net and Yahoo)=yesterday's King Herod. The Babylonian Talmudic Law and the Sanhedrin Council are STILL in EXISTENCE! So…the POPE is evil, but don't leave off IS-RA-EL, or you've only given HALF the picture.Think of the TWO people who addressed Congress in 2015: the Pope AND Netanyahu(who is a Zionist Nazi "Jew")

  5. Sarjenka C, you and me to get angry, and some, when you hear the evil of these people. If, the masses awaken to the truth and what is happening the streets of America will be filled with blood. The Mayor of New York City visited with Francis, and he spoke before Congress. The Pope isn't connected to Christ, they are connected to Lucifer.

  6. That is NOT the seal of the night templars. And the night templars did NOT create the Jesuits. The Pope is NOT the black pope, etc. DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you throw something like this on the internet. (I stoped listening after 55 sec)

  7. I get chills watching these videos.  I became so full of unexplained ANGER and RAGE around Spring of 2013 and I couldn't figure out why.  Later I realized it was the time when Francis became 'pope'.  As a recovering Catholic its creepy to see how cults rule the church and its evils have corrupted/ severely wounded its youth.

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