Jesuit Pope Francis I 666 Mark of the Beast Final Warning Video

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  1. LOL! SENSATIONALIST FOOLS. "Shocking Plan", "Secret Plan", "Conspiracy" , "Huge Secret" , THE SDA'S ARE A BUNCH OF CLOWNS! Every year, the SDA comes up with another "Shocking Plan" you SDA dreamed up in your evil minds and then impute it to the Catholic Church and the Pope. Every new Pope is the Last Pope. Every new Pope is the Anti-Christ. It never stops. THE SDA all never tire of making a fool out of yourselves and your followers.

    All THE SDA do is dream up some kind of crap from your evil heart about Christianity. THE SDA are a bunch of sickos. THEY SHOULD GO teach crap about the Muslims, see where that gets you!


    The Sabbath keepers who came down from Jerusalem (home of the Sabbath keepers) *CALLED CHRIST POSSESSED BY BEELZEBUB Mark 3:22 (KJV)
    " He hath Beelzebub (SATAN) , and by the PRINCE of the devils casteth he out devils .
    THE Sabbath keepers call Christ " SATAN PRINCE OF THE DEVILS ".

    LATER, CHRIST WARNED THAT HIS CHURCH WOULD BE CALLED SATAN TOO. Therefore, Christ warned his disciples of the Sabbath keepers who would persecute Christ unto death said this to his disciples

    10 vs 24 The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord.10vs 25 It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord*. *If they (the sabbarh keepers) have called the MASTER (CHRIST) of the house (THE CHURCH) Beelzebub, how much more *shall THEY ( THE SABBATH KEEPERS*) *CALL THEM OF HIS HOUSEHOLD (THE CHURCH)?




  2. FAKE! Fear Monger! Most of the Links are Bogus. As a Protestant I agree, the Romans infiltrated Christianity and the Protest is Not Over, but in my opinion I think this channel is posting to feed fear & seek Donations…. Don't Give This Channel $$ ,, PLEASE Do your OWN RESEARCH

  3. when Birthier the French General around early or late 17 hundreds took the then pope of rome, imprisoned him in France and later killed him the roman catholic so called church and state capsized and were in ruins. then, in late 17 – 18 hundreds america picked up the pieces of a broken and washed up demon and set it back on its hoofs to one day cast america into a sodomite land, satanic one world govt, and new world order infamy up on using the authority of a black jesuit priest and president of america barak obama. today, u.s.a. is in moral decay, heading towards Rev 13 v 16 & Rev 14 v 9- 12. a total predicted destruction of a nation along with the rest of these wicked world powers under the vatican. america should have been one of the countries that would never have made laws for sodomy and to get caught sleeping with lucifer with its ass wide opened. american people! u have enough time to kick satan out of ur bed and save ur self, u u idiot!

  4. The Mark Of Beast will not be Sunday Law! It will be whose Law are you going to obey? God's or man's? The Apostle Paul made it quite clear it is not the Sabbath! Colossians
    2 16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath [days]: Jesus arose on the 1st day of the week! Pentecost was on the 1st day of the week. The Apostle Paul Preached on the 1st days of the week. We are not to just pray one day a week but every day of the week!!! This is the 7th day adventist view of the Mark Of The Beast and they do not believe the lake of fire is forever and ever! God Bless!

  5. The Brownshirts were Jesuits! Hitler was a Catholic and Jesuit trained. He was working for the Pope! The Pope has been working for the One World Government and Religion! The Roman Empire is coming back on worse! History is repeating itself to its own doom! God will take it over and destroy it! God Bless.

  6. f anyone is interested I have a playlist on my channel about God Judging America for betraying Israel! It starts with George HW Bush and goes all the way to Obama's administration. I highly suggest you watch what happens every time we mess with Israel. God is a just God and we have been warned to bless Israel! God Bless and I hope you will watch the playlist I put together!

  7. The USA has always betrayed Israel. We betrayed the Jewish People towards the end of WW2 when FDR would not let them come into this country even through they had legal visas! So they ended up going back to Germany to the death camps! We betrayed Israel in the 1967 War. The US Liberty was an Intelligence Communications ship and they were given Israel's codes to their enemy, The PLO. Israel flew over 5 times warning by waving their wings to leave. Then did not leave and so Israel did bomb the ship! Commander Moore is not telling the whole truth. Israel could have sunk the ship but did not, they just disabled their communications. That is why President Johnson wanted the ship sunk and had a total stand down order to not help the Liberty! In fact, Israel sent ships over to help after they bombed the ship. Because our guys were told to stand down! God help because we have betrayed Israel over and over again. These are only 2 instances!

  8. Jose, may I suggest you watch this video by Celebrate Truth! "SCIENTISM EXPOSED 🔭 Full Documentary HD 🚀 (2016)" and this video "Prophecy Update & Prayer Request" by Yeshua Said My Name!" Israeli News Live tonight or tomorrow is doing a show with Joe B Wells of Caravan To Midnight about the governments around the world meeting up on 1/15/17 to discuss Israel! Israel is God's Land and God will destroy these nations that are going against Israel and Jerusalem! God help us as we approach these last days. But do watch those two video. You might want to watch and subscribe to Israeli News Live. Steven had really good information and news in the Middle East, Russia, USA, etc. He has family in Czech Republic. He is a citizen of the USA and Israel. He lives part time in the USA and part time in Israel and also Czech Republic. God Bless and watch! Jesus' time is getting closer by the day!

  9. Washington D C is the image of the beast, that speaks through it's legislation. soon Americans will be forced to observe cannon law over the constitution and the bible. so if you have a conscience, get ready to have it violated by the roman catholic cult. God help us all. and the fact of the matter is that Christ was resurrected on the Sabbath, when Mary got to tomb on Sunday morning, Christ had been up for hours, since around 72 hours after He went in the grave on Wednesday as Passover fell on a Wednesday that year.

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