Jesuit Pope Francis is a Freemason & a Satanic Black Magician – Proof!

The Jesuit Order was created in August of 1534, by the famous Jesuit Priest & Saint Ignatius of Loyola.The Jesuit Order is The Society of Jesus Christ, & It is an all male religious congregation of the Catholic Church. The members are called Jesuits, and the highly Secret Society is engaged in very Occult, Mystical & Gnostic practices.

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  1. Originally the Jesuits were very effective missionaries and teachers but around the middle of the twentieth century they mostly became Modernists which is condemned by the Church. Francis is a liberation theologian and a Modernist and that's all we need to know about him. Our Lady of LaSalette in the nineteenth century, in a apparition approved by the Catholic Church, prophesied that Rome would become the seat of antichrist. And that's all we need to know not to follow most of what is coming out of this Pope or the present Vatican. Jesus said, as He founded the Catholic Church to be His Church, that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. The enemies of the Catholic Church have already lost and don't know it. Like the antichrist, they will be destroyed with a little breath from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. This guy is a big PHONY, good priests, cardinals, and Bishops can't stand him, he's illegitimate. People in Italy are in the streets protesting Bergoglio demanding his resignation for being ANTI-CHRISTIAN, they see what he is, mainstream media won't report it because he supports the New World Order elite world domination scheme. Cannon Law of the Catholic Church clearly states that NO JESUIT IS ALLOWED TO BE ELEVATED TO POPE NOR CAN HE HOLD ANY POSITION OF POWER IN THE CHURCH AS THEY CAN'T BE TRUSTED. St. Pope Pius 5 was the author of the rules for the REAL CATHOLIC TRADITIONAL CHURCH in the 1400s which is the Ancient Latin Rite whose doctrine is totally different and Bible based, NOT what they have at the Vatican today. St. Pope Pius 5 was a holy man who gave everything to the poor, money, meat, cheese, vegetables, bread, eggs, sweets you name it, he survived on vegetable broth and crayfish and wore broken shoes, or walked barefoot always saying "give it to the poor" when gifts were offered, he made it his business to know which families were in need, unlike Bergoglio who hogs everything. St. Pope Pius 5 laws are still on the books, he wrote them in a way which cannot ever be changed, and are ignored, the penalty for abuse of a child is instant defrocking, public exposure and handing over to the secular authorities, if they fail the church's penalty is death or life imprisonment, as they remain dangerous all their lives, and the Bible does allow for the death penalty. He OUTLAWED THE JESUIT ORDER AS FAST AS IT CAME UP, OFFICIALLY CLASSIFYING IT EVIL AND DEVIL WORSHIP. After his death they came up again and Pope Clement XIV suppressed them again, dumbass Pope Pius VII restored it again in 1814 and it's been there festering ever since. Many Catholics have now become TRADITIONAL, following the old rite and don't obey the Pope, miracles are happening again but they don't in the Vatican's brand of Novus Ordo Catholicism. I really hope they wise up, kick the evil out of the Vatican and return to what they were supposed to be, instead of a corrupt institution responsible for the murder of Pope John Paul I just because he was using the Vatican bank to help the poor by building them homes, providing food, clothing and healthcare as was the original reason for the foundation of the Vatican Bank.

  3. Isis, Horus, Set, Mithra, Nimrod… Tammuz.. they worship the pagan satanic religion of Lucifer. They pass off Tammuz as the baby Jesus… total BLASPHEMY!! They are idolators as well, and they had the audacity to change the Lord's 10 commandments to suit themselves. They are the great deceivers.

  4. If Catholics were really occult and Masonic at core, why would Satan take centuries building up a whole foundation of strategies set to eliminate the Catholic Church off the face of the earth? Why is the elimination of the Catholic Church a major goal of the One World Government and the One World Religion of Luciferic worship? If the Church were this evil satanic institution then Satan would be working to promote it not destroy It.

  5. I mean, no one that ever got the slightest education would believe you. It is historically off.

    – The Latin translation of the prayer ending with the name of the holy trinity has got nothing occult about it.
    – What came first? Tarot cards or the devotion to the sacred heart? Hasn't it always been the case that the occult has tried to copy and mock the Catholic religion? This might rather be a proof of it being the right one. Why did the Satanists invent black masses and not black "hallelujah praise service".

    -The sacred heart of Jesus is not pierced by swords. The immaculate heart of Mary is, but by one or seven. This comes from the biblical prophecy of Simeon to Mary "and through your own heart a sword shall pierce"

    -The three "swords" you see are no swords at all but they are the three nailed by which Jesus was nailed to the cross. A way to help us meditate on the sublime act of love God performed for us when he went through his bitter passion.

    -Do you not fear that it is on the other hand rather the opposite that is true? That you are the one erring and walking astray? Is it not pride and boastfulness that makes you think that these things you just made up are the truth? Grow in humility, grow in charity, grow in respect for the order God created. Never forget that word of Satan "I will not serve" don't join him in his league! Serve God by respecting the authority he created. In your home obey your father, in your kingdom obey your king, in the Church obey it's leader, but above all, obey God. Only if they encourage you to do something contradictory to His will may you disobey.

  6. hi good work except incomplete and misleading. you mention that this thing ties to that and that thing ties to that, however you have fell into the jesuit trick of believing manuscripts. that they have forged and put on somebody else that have started complete movements. tip for the day is unless you look at all of the rest of your research as discerning document's that have (had substantial impact on christians world viewisms,) secretly/covertly been forged by them like, protocols of zion, art of war, theory of evolution, big bang theory, they even invented islam. gravity…. so I would ascertain a document was not forged by them first. think about it, the art of war when authorized to be written by jesuit general was the plan of the jesuits to use against protestants. thats the whole thing of it. see. even as far back as 1955, Georgetown university was graduating 700 male jesuits priests a year, to do what??? to go marry protestant woman. and infiltrate the protestant message…

  7. true catholics must remember that we do not follow the church, nor the pope, nor the vatican itself. the Dogma lives within us, we know the truth, and our hearts live for God. this man will attempt to destroy The Catholic faith, but he will fail. those who believe she is attacking Catholics, don't know their faith to begin with. all things are just information, it's what you do with information that makes us True Children of God.

  8. I am a Catholic. I have remained so in spite of all scandals. Jesus and St. Paul predicted scandals. We should not be
    surprised or shaken by them. Jesus said of the Pharisees to do as they say, not as they do. In other words, even profoundly
    evil leaders can head an organization that has the true teaching. Keep the teaching expel the leaders. This happened over and over again in the history of Israel in the Old Testament; for example the kings and religious leaders of Judah becoming so
    corrupt that they had to be exiled to Babylon. Yet, this did not invalidate the teachings of Judaism at the time.

    I acknowledge the video makers good intentions but wish to point out at least 2 errors. First the IHS with the snake wrapped
    around the cross at the bottom of the satanic document is a satanic mimicry of the normal IHS of the Jesuit logo. YES, the
    snake makes all the difference. Satan tries to trick people all the time with demonic counterfeits. What's that St. Paul says
    about demons appearing as angels of light. Notice too the perversion of Christ's Trinitarian baptismal formula (from the end
    of St. Matthew's Gospel) where a demon's name is inserted in place of Christ's.

    Secondly, the 3 objects at the bottom of the picture are not swords, they are the 3 nails used to crucify Jesus; one in each hand
    and one through both feet. Whether this is historically accurate or not is irrelevant here. They are nails, not swords.

    I did not finish the videos as I ran out of time and had to leave for work but this much convinces me the author needs to do
    more research. I am not happy with this pope at all right now. I suspect him of supporting a homosexual agenda against if
    Church teaching. I hope I am wrong but evidence seems to mount. I must do more research before I become definitive.
    Even if true this would not invalidate the teachings of the Catholic Church. It would juslt show that like ancient Judah and
    the church of the late Middle Ages the pope has been corrupted (this time morally and not because of greed) and God will punish him and his supporters. The meek (of heart and resources) shall inherit the earth. Praised be Jesus Christ now and forever!!!

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