Jesuit Pope Francis Promotes Big Bang-Merging Evolution with Catholic Faith

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  1. Ever experience gangstalking ? This is "community oriented policing" where "mk ultra/ project artichoke" techniques like "psychic driving" are used to torture and torment people….all under the guise of keeping the community safe while in fact….I don't molest children or sell drugs and all the things they claim I am doing to justify this harassment and apparently actually really doing all those things and saying I am.

    It's sort of insulting someone into trauma based mind control. But it's very subtle and probably uses a super computer to formulate the insults and mind control phrases and tactics.

    I tried to have gender reassignment….only to find out the ethics and morals and standards just no longer exist in society and what I was doing was very wrong and people are very evil these days….the good news is I became a true believer….but while I'm still here….I'm subjected to the "no touch torture" abuse.

    I told them I don't want the sex change because they are evil people etc.
    But they keep on harassing me day in and day out and I can't work with them and I'm not taking the mark of the beast.

    Pray I can make videos exposing my testimony of corruption and government abuse to the world to help other Christians who do want to be saved and live a righteous life.

    It could even help those hollywood people haplessly engrained into mk ultra mind control… me….the police daily use snitches to harass people they have targeted. Your not crazy….you can be saved and it is real that people are attempting to mind control you to be their sex slave or whatever abusive one sided manipulation program that is not benfitting you but steals your money and time and life and ultimately your soul….the hollywood scam….have you perform and then steal all your money by killing you. But you can escape. Jesus can deliver you and the fbi etc. Are going to spend an eternity in hell and can't fight Jesus….that's why they hate Jesus….even as aliester Crowley documents that just that name banishes demons… it yourself….lesser key of Salomon.

  2. Anyone here want to know more about the Vatican, go to youtube- "The Jesuit new world order, by Bill Hughes". The Jesuits were instrumental in starting the Civil war for the King and the Vatican to take control of America. From 1871-1933 they achieved just that. The Federal Reserve.

  3. I am in Australia, brought up protestant and I used to be in awe of the catholics, believing them to be the ulitimate in their dedication to the Lord and God. All of their rituals and the like appeared to show their devout commitment and faith in my eyes. My church, the Church of Christ on the otherhand, seemed so basic with no rituals etc. Now I
    have been born again I know that it only takes the Bible, Jesus Yahweh and His Grace.

  4. what a dope to speak about the catholic church isn't biblical Christianity hey moron the Bible came from the catholic church just like the word Christian the word that applies to you is moron

  5. The Earth is flat and motionless and we are under a literal Firmament. I was an agnostic evolution believer until I proved to myself the Earth was flat. NASA is lying about everything! The ISS uses green-screens and harnesses. We never went to the Moon. It's a giant Satanic lie. Just google "Polar Vortex Saturn" and tell me that isn't a nice Occult hexagram. It's laughable! There is no repeatable scientific test that proves two Masses attract each other (without magnetism or something like surface tension). God made up and down but gravity does not exist as we have been taught by this wordly system we were all born into. When I dug my way down the rabbit hole and realized this truth and then found out the world was run by Satan worshiping secret societies I repented and accepted Jesus. I can actually feel my spirit. What I thought were addictions and now realize were demons are gone. I'm a totally different person than I was just a couple months ago. I feel like the only thing I'm suppose to do is tell people this. I just want you all to know this piece of the great deception. Just think about how tightly woven the Big Bang, Space, and the Copernican cosmology is to Evolution. It is the evolution of the universe itself! It's the Satanic lie that Humans can continue to evolve and exult themselves above God's throne. It's also the foundations for the Satanic one world religion that will be a false form of Christianity. God bless you all and you are lucky to have such a great preacher!

  6. The very fact that Catholicism is blatantly ignoring the Genesis creation, should be a red flag to anyone seeking truth. Then again, what do you expect from a pagan religion that worships graven images, etc.

  7. When the pope was here in the states at the UN in NY …..he said , " we need to ensure that our institutions are truly effective in the struggle against all these scourges ( capitalism and what it causes ) the number and complexity of the problems require that we possess TECHNICAL INSTRUMENTS OF VERIFICATION " ….he is saying science and technology are the answers for mankind .pure evil

  8. Well…this entity in the Vatican who is the black pope, 1st ever GENERAL JESUIT ELECTED POPE …this pope did say he would baptize aliens, they are our brothers …who are we to close doors " he is getting the world ready for a fake OR NOT ……alien invasion …which is a demonic entry …pray for the Catholics

  9. GOD BLESS YOU pastor …you are a RARITY.. A gem ….you are truly getting your flock ready for what is upon us …..the " swerve " you mentioned is actually a planned thing ….URI ….UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE…of course by the beast

  10. Our Creator warned against nations joining nations together for provisions and protection etc.; He destroys their works and gives no power to their efforts.

    This is the time of judgment and each time we have the ability to. correct things (like discussing alliances and terms of agreements and terms like US, UN, EU, NATO, G-7, G-20, ETC,) and we fail to come into line with the will of our Creator, we see greater calamity and judgements like LEVITICUS 26 and DEUTERONOMY 28.

    And each weekly true 7th day Sabbath of no work as written in Exodus 20:8-11 and Leviticus 23 We refuse to honor as written, we see greater calamity.

    The Kingdom of God is where we do what our King says, in spite of what religious leaders say. THIS is testing time for our eternal rewards; don't treat it as a light thing.

    Warn others and watch and see if this IS what is happening in our nation and world. There is only one supreme God and one Law for all mankind; it is given as the law for the promised land of true freedom and purity in the Bible.

  11. Before the Big Bang theory, scientists generally believed the universe was eternal and without beginning. The Big Bang theory completely changed that and forced scientists to acknowledge the Biblical doctrine that the universe had a beginning. Obviously there are timing issues to reconcile with Genesis 1, but we should continue to encourage scientific discovery in this area to better understand the glory of God's creation.

  12. Dear Pastor, I humbly thank you for your Ministry, I ask you to please pray for me. I love the Lord my Savior with all my heart my mind & strength & soul for Him & live to obey & seek & follow Him-& do His will – I need a miracle- I'm a music minister playing piano & sing at apostate catholic church- I don't want to be there anymore-I want to come out from among them-& have been praying fervently to the Lord to rescue me from this false church- for several months I've been seeking & striving other/additional employment & still try to this day so I can quit I cannot quit yet because those who do not work do not eat & I have no other option or choice yet to get out & leave-I cannot quit because my husband & family rely on that income week after week. I know God helps those who help themselves-I'm striving to help myself yet I am still stuck there despite my effrots-I'm finding it harder & harder to go there every week & listen to the lies at the pulpit- the idolatry-the rituals- when I'm there I ask the Lord to protect & cover me & shelter me. I've been praying to the Lord to send me to a true Bible Believing church for years & years-The Lord knows my heart & knows I long to leave there so much but I am trapped there-as a form of bondage- not being able to get out I've been trying, praying & trusting In Him by Faith to come rescue me & break these chains so I may be set free to serve the Lord with my talents & gifts in a way that is pleasing to Him & glorify His Name. Please pray for me I need a miracle. Amen.

  13. The Greek word ANTI means ; Opposite of, but also : IN PLACE OF. Now the main Title for the Popes is : " Vicar of Christ " which means : REPLACEMENT of Jesus Christ on Earth. All the Early Protestant Believed that Papal Rome was the " Little Horn Power " ( Little Kingdom ) that ruled over the Kings of the Earth. Then in the 16th Century JESUIT FUTURISM was devised by Jesuit Ribera, this was a New Interpretation of the 70th week and the Antichrist. This " New Interpretation " got People Looking for a " Future Antichrist " and Absolved the Papal Dynasty from being the Man of Sin. Clever no ….? Research : Jesuit Futurism Exposed, Papal Rome IS the Historical, Biblical and Prophetical Antichrist. God bless.

  14. wow, just yesterday me and my hubby were at a park and I made a comment about how amazing all God's creation is and I couldn't believe I used to believe the rocks were billions of years old. He coldly stated he still believes that
    I may have to play this with him around 😉

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