Jesuit Pope Francis to Take Vatican Helm as Church Readies for UFO Arrival (Cris Putnam)

The Catholic Church is preparing for not only new Pope Francis but also UFO’s from space.


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  1. Minute 3:02 …..he's talking about the Indian reservation fighting to keep the telescope off MT.Graham and some voice or whatever happens. I've heard these sounds before and im pretty sure it was a demon, I've been dealing with this type of stuff for many years and that sounds very spiritual.

  2. Wow, I'm a life long Catholic, and I have never heard a priest tell us that aliens are coming. This is a spoof goofing on the people who believe this stuff, right? Right? Because it may just be the funniest thing on YouTube.

  3. When I read these posts I am astonished at the naive sentiments of some Catholics who proudly believe anything they are told. These people will fall down and worship these fallen angels if the pope calls them space aliens. What do you know of how demons attack people or whether they require conveyance to travel, shut up! Fallen angels are cast out and should we, like you, believe high technology in the hands of angelic forces is less plausible then an alien race creating it's own some 20 light years away, ridiculous. You are deceived by the Roman papacy and that old dragon called satan, get ready to meet your maker.

  4. For those that don't believe any of this about the vatican, go to facebook page Thisisit4321, or website Be4thefire/com. The mystery has been solved-the scroll of prophecy unrolled. No such thing as coincidence, my brothers and sisters. That is just what the enemy would have you believe. Aliens=fallen angels/demons. Genesis 6:1-5 God Bless you all.Had to use slash instead of period in website for it to accept.

  5. There is no such thing as demons, demon means to distribute fortunes to ones self! No such thing as fallen angels having sex with wemon! Total man made B.S., the same as the pharisees and Mystery,Babylon the great! No such thing as free will, christmas and easter are pagan sun god worship! The concept of Aliens is a form of mind control! Jesus kills and God does all things good and evil! Agape elect!

  6. I know that much of Revelation is symbolic and it says that the ac is coming on a white horse. Perhaps the white horse symbolizes a UFO. It makes perfect sense because of the extreme fascination with UFO's, not to mention the increase in sightings. That they would call their satellite Lucifer suggests they completely understand who they are really serving. And it certainly is not Jesus Christ.

  7. It's horse shit to assume the ability to read is accompanied by the ability to hypothesize. Most so called literate individuals maintain all sorts of varying belief systems, most of which appear to be based on 'stuff someone else said.' Obviously hypothesizing doesn't require actual intellect, but to form reasonable arguments does. Missing the point entirely. Too bad.

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