jesuit pope fulfilling prophecy 2018. end times prophecy pope francis 2018.

this video doesn’t directly address the geocentric/heliocentric topic OR transvestigation/ elite gender inversion directly… yet it DOES because it’s all about SPIRITUAL WARFARE and being DISCERNING.
perhaps many of these deceivers are just generational satanists and dare I say these people are victims and some possibly

just cloned vessels?

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the illuminati card “game” cards I use:


article from 1900 that calls globe heretical and punishable by burning at the stake! (link in description):

why overpopulation is yet another LIE:

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  1. the end is not that close it's going to take a while, they must rebuild the 3rd temple and the false messiah must come but I will just wait and watch, the Jews believe they will rule the world from Israel for a long time and they will rule the world soon and there is NO pre-trib. rapture we all gonna still be here probably by 2030-2050.If you still believe in the pre-trib. rapture and dispensationalism you are clueless to whats going on.

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