9 Replies to “Jesuit Pope, Oprah & Obama Worship at Satan Church Temple — with Illuminati & Freemason”

  1. Now I better undestand wy they made the Muhammed droings,to shove have dangeres it is to insolt anywon,but only when it kaunts muslims,what abaut human rights and the fridom to speech wons apeniens,you shut think politistien new have importning it is so say what you men to a debet,even doe they agry what they tock abaut before they get on,and then no that whit in a week people have forgodt what they tock abaut,and even wote on the same people hu have liet for then in generatiens.

  2. Is Saturday worship a Saturn worship then if Sunday worship is Sun worship?
    Very silly argument. Sunday worship was originated from first century to commemorate the resurrection of  Jesus on Sunday.  On the First day of the Week (Sunday), early Christians gathered together to have a service and fellpwhsip (1Corinthians 16:2. Revelation 1:10)  as  the Day of the Lord.  —>Refer to Early Church Father's Writings.

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