6 Replies to “Jesuit Pope Says World Is At War”

  1. I went to you about on your channel. You have the 12 Tribes Of Israel there but you are totally wrong. All the Tribes Of israel were in Israel! The 10 Northern Tribes we taken over but they will be back just as the Bible says! Races come from the Tower Of Babel! Like it or not but you are misled if you believe what you have there! The Bible is very clear they come from Israel! No Where Else! God Bless and may the Bible through the Holy Spitir lead you in the light of Truth! God Bless and Run To Christ!

  2. Israel is God's Land! The New Testament was written for the Jews. Read Jeremiah 31:31, God said he would make a new covenant with the Jews! Israel was never to be sold, traded or given away! In The Last Days, God said He would gather the Jews a back to their Land Israel! Right now more Jews are leaving Europe to go to Israel! All Nations will come to fight against Israel! They have found an oil supply in Israel larger than Saudi Arabia and the whole Middle East combined. These greedy nations willl go after Israel for that oil. The Lord Jesus Christ is behind Israel having that oil for to bring the Nations against Israel! Watch this 3 minute video "Trailer for Israel in the end times. NEW CHANNEL PROMO-"! THERE IS NO SPIRITUAL JEWS! It says it all! God said to Abraham, I will bless those that bless thee, and curse those that curse thee. We are called to pray for Israel! Jesus was a Jew!! Read Joel, Zachariah, etc. Revelation 11 states the time of the Gentiles will come to and end and then God will turn to Israel and He will defend Israel against all Nations! GOD IS THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB! God Bless and Run To Christ!

  3. Amen we are living in the Last Days! Read Psalms 83! God Bless! Rome was in control of Jerusalem when Christ was on earth and Rome will be in control is Jerusalem again when Jesus returns! God Bless and Run to Christ!

  4. The priest in France knifing was all a hoax staged event for the Pope to help their agenda to push WW3. Not all white men come of Edom. Islam was a creation of the Pope. Mohammad married a sister of a nun and the Pope wrote the Quran! God Bless!

  5. Alan Lamont exposed that Pope Francis is masquerading as the White Pope when in fact he is the Black Pope. Pope Benedict is still in the background at the Vatican as the White Pope. Adofo Nicklas when you look at the video Alan Lamont did he shows how the former Black Popes are not in control anymore. Alan studied the Jesuits for over 4 years and he has sound documentation in what he says. I have talked with Alan many times and he is totally legit. Strong in the Bible. I can send you the vids or you just type in Alan Lamont Pope Francis and I think you will find that this is true. We are in the last da.ys and right now Pope Francis has been working with the Israeli Government to build the 3rd temple, Revelation 11! God Bless Run To Christ and great video too.

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