Jesuit Pope to Push Carbon Tax Indulgence

It’s official: Global Warming is a religion and the Pope sees himself as the Pope of Climate Change. Arguing that acting on climate change is essential to the faith, the Pope announced that he will publish a rare encyclical, usually reserved for clarifying theological disputes, to have Catholics worldwide accept and ACT upon the dogma of Global Warming. Will Carbon Credits be the 21st Century indulgences, where you pay in advance for environmental “sins”? Will “carbon taxes” be used as a penance to punish climate offenders?

Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches –

Pope Francis Expected To Instruct One Billion Catholics To Act On Climate Change –

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  1. "The Pope has come out strongly in favour of climate change…" Really?! He is in favour of a changing climate? Idiot! Put a coherent sentence together before trying to make statements as though you know something.

  2. We are going to be having climate change as the birth pains get worse, but it's nothing you can throw money at , just signs of the time, maybe Christians should embrace this message like noah and proclaim to everybody yes the climate is changing and it's going to get worse…. Climate change were talking about you will not be able to fix

  3. Without rendering an extreme implication, I'll just state that I've noticed Alex Jones has never espoused/disseminated the unequivocal correlation between the Ashkenazi Jews & their monopoly on: Global Finance (including control of the Federal Reserve), Mainstream Media, the Military Industrial Complex, Zionism/Globalism, Usurpation of Power & fomentation of wars in countless countries & on & on…
    WHY NOT, ALEX?!?

  4. If your reporting is accurate, the Pope is 'out-of-His-Jurisdiction' and is NOT using his Papal Authority. It is only his very fallible opinion. Catholics are not obliged to obey such a 'Teaching'. A retired Catholic priest in Canada.

  5. This pope doesn't know what a sin is.  He will end run himself around every real concept of what the Church is supposed to be.  He says he against abortion and women priests.  If he stays in "office" into next year, these will change also.  If he is kicked out, he will be the next leader of the UN and obama will be the next pope.

  6. 1:40 Fossil fuels may increase inequality, but if we are all suffering we will be guaranteed to be much more equal. Actually the only time we are all 100% equal is when we are dead and that is exactly what would happen if we stopped using fossil fuels. Hundreds of millions of people would die. The rest would also be much more equal because there will be very few who live in a civilized way but many who live a primitive way very close to the same standard.

  7. 00:08 In favor of Climate Change / Climate? What does that mean? It means he wants the climate to change? You can see the term does not mean what it appears. It is a propaganda term. It is an action, not a fact about the state of the world or the big picture.

  8. Co2 is so bad that's why growers pump into their grow room using tanks of it. It is said to increase yield up to 25%. Less Co2 = Less Ag crops worldwide and that = higher food prices and more starvation. They accomplish 2 goals: Taxing the people and starving the poor. Someone should educate the pope on this subject.

  9. It is a simple concept; Carbon, the foundation of life is taxable. This just adds on to every other tax on all survival means to insure the death of all, but a few rich business animals, and reduce the human sheeple herd to manageable levels. This will give the rest of earth animals time to evolve, and replace these stupid sheeple on top of the food chain. Well done humanity! you have selected your replacements from a local source instead of Extraterrestrial alien invasion..

  10. Why the fuck should the world listen to what the fucking catholic church says, what qualifications do those pedo's have anyway?  An archaic group of pervert greedy bastards, how the fuck did they even get all that wealth.  Fucking retarded people in history to let those faggets get where they are..

  11. I'm catholic, I have studied the doctrines most of my life. The fraternities that exist under the Church are among the most easily influenced peoples on the planet and are routinely indoctrinated with false political narratives under a religious guise. The last big example of this was to support Obama for his anti abortion promise…..

  12. Pope Francis, climate change has nothing to do with the RCC. Focus on the RCC and it's evil. For example the part of society which is amnestic and burned out today because of the trauma it suffered when it was a child. Yes Pope Francis, talk about the sociopathic priest behavior that exists. Talk about it's powerful cultism due to it's sociopathic glibness. Sick minds did exist in the RCC when I was a child. And these sick minds still exist within the RCC today. Cardinal Bernard Law from Massachusetts! and his young sidekick friend Sean O'Malley! And there were many others!

    Fucking RCC, they were into mind control. They used pedophilia to traumatize in order to cause DID infliction. With multiple personalities the RCC could then manipulate. Long story.

  13. I suspect there will be qualifying language in the Encyclical regarding climate change. Destroying the rain forests is a sin, so is what has been done to the environment in general, thanks to war, greed and gluttony.

  14. ALEX JONES , I NEVER ONCE GOT ON YOU FOR YOU RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and to see you pointing your dirty shit stained finger at the pope just pisses people off , are you here to piss people off well Quebec is 99 % Catholic so I can say this nobody here is going to like you ! There's no carbon laws in Quebec I run me Electric oven on 200 Degrees and open the door 1/2 way all winter long and my AC is set to 71 degrees , me let my AC and electric stove battle it out all winter, trust me it cost Quebec like 3,000 $ more just for my electric use which is not monitored because I live in a multiple occupancy high rise complex , besides electric is free here thanks to Hydro Quebec 🙂  So stop pulling the Pope into you garbage and lets talk about  To Catch A Predator Fairfax Virginia – Rabbi David Kaye ,me will put it on my BG video to show the world the Jews like to ass rape little 12 age blond boys ! 

  15. I just want to tell Alex Jones I am converting to Judaism , I plan to go under surgery and have my foreskin chopped off so I can be more like you Alex , I sent my resume into your infowars head quarters and I hope you took time to read it and hopefully I can be a fill in info new man soon , get rid of Briggs nobody likes him , I will work for free for the first 9 months 

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