Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches
Pope Francis Expected To Instruct One Billion Catholics To Act On Climate Change

It’s official: Global Warming is a religion and the Pope sees himself as the Pope of Climate Change. Arguing that acting on climate change is essential to the faith, the Pope announced that he will publish a rare encyclical, usually reserved for clarifying theological disputes, to have Catholics worldwide accept and ACT upon the dogma of Global Warming. Will Carbon Credits be the 21st Century indulgences, where you pay in advance for environmental “sins”? Will “carbon taxes” be used as a penance to punish climate offenders?



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  1. The more the USFG of WDC and its proxies and minions get involved in tooling the former free enterprise system the closer we get to the Elite's version of the NWO / OWO.  The purpose of this deceptive form of self sacrifice is NOT to bring up the lowly but to diminish those (Goy) who have attained certain wealth. As Prince Charles (telegraphing his DEEP inner fear of diminished lifestyle for the Elite) asks the poorest of third world Africans to put their ambitions toward Middle Classdom on Ice. They (The Prince and his kind) are overtly asking them to self sacrifice and, via TV and movie programming, they are subliminally being asked to do the same. In the US, our true Middle Class has become the Debtor Class. We have been convinced through the same process (more on the subliminal side), at least since LBJs "Great Society" to self sacrifice our inherent wealth like it was something bad on the order of autoerotica. With the wake up calls of the alternative media…many of us are beginning (some have long been aware) to consider the pre-industrial , pre-Madison Ave, concept of SELF preservation as an important ingredient to a good and dignified life. The Elite consider DIGNITY as their own right of privilege. NAY, I say, we ALL have the right to dignity, self perpetuation, and self PRESERVATION.  

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