Jesuit Priest Tells Catholics to Fight Abortion by Electing ‘Pro-Choice Democrats’ you can donate through this site
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  1. Hey Fr.Thomas: before lecturing US any further….Why don't you grow a pair and COMMAND ALL your Bishops to CEASE dispensing the Holy Eucharist to ALL Congressmen and Congresswomen who vote Pro-Choice??? Time to WALK the TALK, Good Shepherd!

  2. Hey Britain, How's that gun control let alone knife bans (yet) work for you? No self defense for the police, let alone the citizens. A bunch of useless airbags you call politicians in parliament screaming at each other all day ,long, while collecting big salaries and perks, doing absolutely nothing for the people. You've been invaded and are finished. At least in the USA we still have a Second Amendment.

  3. Hey Boofhead Bill, Hows about you explain the hundreds of Convicted Criminals, Terrorists and Illegal Immigrants that Barry Hussien Obummer pardened and released in his last week in office as President, Huh?..

  4. First, I wouldn't trust a jesuit under any circumstances, nor accept anything one of them says. Second, it is the height of arrogant stupidity to advocate that voting for people who are pushing for as many abortions as possible as the way to reduce abortions.

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