Jesuit Sabotage Ellen White books in China

David Kang. And they made void the Testimony of Jesus Christ.


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  1. If the SDA church is a cult as Evangelicals claim, why Jesuits have to bother in changing and altering a book that supposedly is not talking about Biblical assertions?  All Evangelicals until Spurgeon and Ian Paisley, the Irish Minister, were sure that the Pope in the Vatican is the Antichrist. There must be something true in "The Great Controversy" that is having its fulfilment in our days.  The unfortunate thing now is that even our leaders in the GC are following on the steps of Jesuits… watering down the message of the Three Angels.  Yeah, I thing SDA doctrines are into something that the RCC does not want the Christian and non-Christian world to know… or bring it back to memory because is true.

  2. Thank you Br. Kang for sharing and being like Daniel who asked for emergency prayer gathering to plead with God for help. The God who fought for the Israelites in Ex. 15 against Pharaoh a mighty army is already doing it for His own Name sake. Our God is almighty man of war and he will triumph and the Jesuits will realize they are not God but men. Actually they have just announced to the whole world that EGW is a prophet of God and the battle is against the true church of God with the true message ,SDA. Now it is plain whom they are against. I have prayed right away and will definitely continue to do so, may God keep me faithful. I have been strengthened by your plea to fight the battles of the Lord on my knees and aggressively as an evangelist to hasten the return of our Lord . I am sure God has sent His angels as He sent to fight and one angel destroyed 185,000 soldiers of Sennacherib king of Assyria in one night Is.37:36. May our good Lord bless ,protect and bless His work in China. Be of good courage.Surely the battle is the Lord's for this is Satan at work but he is a defeated foe.

  3. Praise God the Sovereign King of the Universe neither sleeps nor slumbers. The Jesuits do their diabolical evil in secret but the Lord exposes them to His children. Ted Wilson also gutted the Great Controversy book and published the Great Hope with monies he defrauded from tithe-returnees. You can see him praying over a stack of the Great Controversy books but he turned around and distributed the counterfeit, the Great Hope a.k.a the Great Hoax! God is not fooled neither will He be mocked. Vengeance is His and He will repay! Be of good courage brothers and sisters in China. We are praying. We are living in very solemn times. Happy Sabbath.

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