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  1. you really need to do some more research on the constitution and who exactly the freemasons were that created it , all of them were in contact with the jesuits and their general at that time lorenzo richi, read the book rulers of evil by f tupper saussy

  2. Hahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha, brainwashed…..Yes, the jews are riche and you are a slave…….slave of a capitalism-system created by jews……Even Google and YouTube are owned by jews……..Son dumbass, your protestations are shit are useless, the jewish-capitalism system already owns you……..the way, you think and you write come from Jewish-influence……..

  3. Hello, the rothschilds who bought Israël are papal knights of. Malta….they are the bankers of the Vatican…….The vatican is making à big crusade in the middle-east (nuclear war : ww3) to move its throne from the Vatican in Rome to Jérusalem, after the reconstruction of the temple of Salomon….the star of David is not a jewish symbol, it is in every culture…..it was used by kabbalists like Salomon to open dimensions-gates for démonstration and spirits………

  4. @yaggayawyaw2 Continuted #4

    Mr DODD explains how TRUST FUNDS, Rockefeller, Ford etc PAID to have our HISTORY BOOKS re=written to hide Much of the TRUTH,

    FIAT EMPIRE, explains they Start WARS then Finance Each side, then loan money to RE=BUILD, setting up Communist run Democracy in each country they only half to Control 2 Canidates see MYRON C FAGAN warning us in 1967,

    have us DRUGGED with TOXINS, wwwFLUORIdEALERTorg, its RAT POISON, and INSECT KILLER dr blaylock excitotoxins

  5. @yaggayawyaw2 Continued #3
    The money & assassins got held up couple times, They made it to RUSSIA stormed the Palace and MuRDERED the TZAR a GOOD TZAR & his Family 1917

    This Information come from the Former HEAD INVESTIGATOR at the PENTAGON mr HIRAM DUKE,

    We have given the VATICAN & Rothschilds etc TRILLIONS for only Printing American Money see Video Documentary old one 58min FIAT EMPIRE

    see former BANKER & Congressional Investigator NORMAN DODD interviews with Griffin CONT=4

  6. @yaggayawyaw2 Continued=

    It Appears this is the TRUTH of Part of the MATRIX

    VAtICAN BANK started around 1594, Started the BANK of ENGLAND started the BANK of CANADA Financed John Wilks Booth, & 7 others that helped (first Woman Hung) After trying over and over the VATICAN with Rothschilds got the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT Passed 1913, When 2000 JESUITS failed to get TZAR of Russia over Thrown, SCHIFF trained 300 ASSASSIN sent them & 20Millon in BRIBE money to Russia they stormed Cont=3

  7. @yaggayawyaw2 I meet a Girl who Claimed she was a BLUEBLOOD she Claimed her Parents owned a Castle, she Struck out on her own, with two children, I meet her on the Streets in Frankfurt on the Main where Bayer or Rothschild got his Start

    She had a 10 year old Daughter that Looked like and Sounded like the Girl in the Film EXORCIST, really SCARRY, I really broke it off with her Mother because the Girl talked like a DEMON when she Talked

    theMother was Less than TRUThFull Contin=

  8. Here is one mans Research
    VATICAN BANK started the BANK OF ENGLAND, started the BANK OF CANADA they Financed JOHN WILKS BOOTH, 1913 Started the FEDERAL RESERVE see FIAT EMPIRE

    1917 after 2000 Jesuits failded to overthrow TZAR SCHIFF had 300 ASSASSINS trained in New york sent them with 20millon in Gold to Bribe people ,1917 Stormed the Palace MURDERED Russian TZAR & Family , see HIRAM DUKE for PENTAGON INVESTIGATOR,

    see how they re=wrote HIstory books google video of NORMAN DODD

  9. I feel the Black Nobility is the Jewish banking families originally from Venice who have intermarried with every Royal Family in Europe. The Catholic church may be powerful in is own right and part of the power structure. Compared to the Rothschilds and associated families its not so powerful.

  10. Agree with this part in the video, the Roman Catholic Church is one of the most evil institutions in history. Taking a look at their various papal bulls and canon doctrines would make any sane man cringe. Maybe we should just exterminate all Catholics perhaps to rid us of this problem?

  11. eve did not eat an apple…………apple is not even in the bible………eve to hide her sin she put on an apron she did not put on a mask to hide her face…..her sin was were the apron was……she had sex with the devil…….the serpent ..satan……these are all his names……

  12. why is it the fascists take videos away, and nowadays are doing it more often, and only the very dangerous ones for them, exposing them and they try to cover by deleting the truth..such pathetic censorship..what a world is it we are coming to!???

  13. Moore than 50% of those who sign the PNAC were Jews with dual citizenship in the US and Israel.
    Even Dick Cheney and Boltom were member of a Jewish think tank called JINSA. It's no coincidence this paper called for the overthrow of Israel's enemy like Iran and Iran.. It's about Israel.

    To me, it sounds like the Jewish crime syndicate ruling America right now is trying to blame the Jesuit to confuse people.

  14. Wow good work. A tad hard to read at times. Because of color contrast. I feel like a rat, trapped in slavery. I guess we all know how the Jews felt, when they were carted off to built the Roman Colisium with the stones of the Jerusalem Temple, and the Temple Gold, where they were then fed to the lions.

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