Jesuit Sorcery – The Enchiridion of Pope Leo

The Catholic form of magic. Prayers to conjure and control spirits in the name of the Trinity, the Virgin Mary, Jehovah, YHWH, Tetragrammaton, and Adonay. Pacts with demons and devils, occult rituals, astrological invocations according to the hour. The Key of Solomon is often used and quoted from. Transubstantiation, Litany of the Saints, and other Catholic doctrines are mentioned from time to time. In one of the last sections there are even invocations in the name of the severed head of John the Baptist.


What happened to the severed head of John the Baptist anyway:

Inscribing the name of Jesus between two crosses offers additional protection, when summoning the devil to do ones bidding:

The Philosophy is that Jesus and his disciples had power over spirits, the demons were made subject onto them, and the book of Hebrews says once must seek out God expecting to be rewarded. So to the Catholic Occultist Exorcist this is considered the reward. Sorcery and such barbaric forms of Divination were forbidden in the old testament:

By now it should be evident Christmas, Easter, the Trinity, and much of what goes into the Christian Religions, are not coming from the Bible, but are the current form of the mystery tradition. Likewise, the Apostle Paul justified murder, robbery, and lying when he needed to. “That the truth of the Gospel may abound through my lie.” So Gods work is to be done through lying? “Turn such a one over to Satan for the destruction of their flesh to save the soul in the judgment.” So kill the sinner in a sacrifice to Satan so that it may be plead “I was a victim” on the day of judgment? “I robbed from other churches…” etc. So if the church is going to justify all of these things, including torture, the Inquisition, the Crusades, then it might as well justify Sorcery too. That Catholics and Christians should practice black magic is ultimately quite reasonable. Of course this has been going on since the days of King Solomon and the Jews who were always doing evil and going after other Gods, not keeping the commandments, etc.

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