Jesuit Templar Nazi Occult Eugenics Paganism Blood and Soil – full length

Exposing the satanic jesuit papal roman empire’s
covert global power structure & the mystery babylon
new world order agenda.

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*Jesuit Knight Templar –
Shown wearing Order of the Holy Sepulchre robe

Romish-Masonic Monster Ruled the 3rd Reich *IHS*

The occult conspiracy is alive and well today, behind the politics of the world. Before this, the world was shown how the (Jesuit – Knight Templar – Vatican – SMOM) Nazi regime made use of ancient (Babylonian) mysticism and occultism to try and win WW2. The Nazi’s also used occult mind control techniques to brainwash Germans to perceive themselves as the master-race. Astrology, Reincarnation, a new blood religion.

In their quest to create an Aryan super race, the Nazis left no myth or religion unexploited, using astrological forecasts (pseudoscience) to plan battles; pendulums to locate allied battleships; the prophesies of Nostradamus to frighten the Allies (black propaganda), and sacred (satanic) symbols, such as Nordic runes, to inspire their warriors to battle. The occult perspective explores the deeper roots to the disturbing ways the Jesuit Vatican Third Reich linked occult practices with political aims and created a reign of terror unparalleled in history.

Nuremberg united the people, the party and their leader. The theme of the 1934 rally was “the triumph of the will.” At the climax of the rally, a display of over 30,000 swastikas. In Tibetan myth, the swastika symbolized the god of the sun, fire, and creation…aka Lucifer.

The Runes, an ancient magical (witchcraft) alphabet, also figured in Nazi symbolism. The Hitler Youth wore the sieg victory rune, the SS emblem was the dopple (or double) sieg, and in the SS graveyard, the man rune tombstones replaced the Cross.

Unfortunately, human life was not sacred to the Jesuit (Templars) – Vatican – Nazi ‘Great Work’. Their cruelty was a perversion of Darwinism, paganism “Great Chain of Being” repackaged and rolled out to the public. In “The Descent of Man”, Darwin suggested the human race protect itself as does nature through natural selection or “survival of the fittest.” Eugenics, a movement favoring the physically, intellectually, and morally fit, started in America and spread to Britain and Germany. There, Yorg Luntz combined Aryan occultism and eugenics into theozoology, an occult religion of race, popularly known as racial hygiene. Lunz published a journal called “Ostara.” Since the age of 20, Adolf Hitler had been one of Lunz’ most avid readers.

International Hygiene Exhibition, 1911 promotional poster: The eugenics movement pre-dated Nazi Germany. A 1911 exhibition at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden included a display on human heredity and ideas to improve it. The exhibition poster features the Enlightenment’s all-seeing eye of God, adapted from the ancient Egyptian “Eye of Ra.”

Roman Salute – Nazi Salute

Norway Massacre: Templars – Occult Crusades

Holders of the Blood Order and the Knight’s Cross
9 November (11) 1923 – “Beer Hall Putsch”

The Rockefeller Foundation (Jesuit Vatican Owned) helped develop and fund various German eugenics programs, including the one that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.

The Ominous Parallels Part 1

We Are What We Hated series (audio)

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  1. Mmmmm. How can we reverse our white racial decay in europe? Ask anyone from Sweden; who's country now has 35 No Go Zones for their police! The problem is caused by black Islamic immigration! The question is, can we reverse it; possibly through forced repatriation back from whence they came.

  2. Eugenics was created in America not German and it was use on Blacks, the mentally ill and other minorties, in a variety of secret experiements that are on record. Hitler jsut grabbed on it and his scientists liked it. Don't forget the Nazi braintrust what brought over the US in Operation Paperclip after the war and they brouggh their heinous philosphy with them and started the space program and mind control crop….

  3. Re; the notes : It would be more accurate to describe runes as symbolic language , not as satanic symbols , and lost rather than occulted . Darwin if not a eugenicist himself was surrounded by a millieu of eugenicists , and promoted by a Huxley whose grandsons Julian and Aldous were eugenicists . ( see Jan Irvin Gnostic Media) . As for SS , Nazi Knights of Sedes Sacrorum ( see Frank O'Collins OneHeaven OneEvil ) . Glossing over the origin and intent of the Frankfurt School , the chess play of bankers , and the ruinous effects on German society , and concentrating entirely on mystic strangeness of the Reich does not give a full picture .

  4. You can present history in many ways but one needs to separate out pythagoris and summerian egyptian understandings or arians and the nebula symbology of the svastika at the root of vedic myths and sacred cosmology about mt meru and the hindu creation story if you want accurate information see Atishas teachings an aria is someone who has extinquised the self is like a christ or buddha harmles compassionate and wise not a killer but dualistic materialistic europeans mistake the influence of saturn in a magnetic field cosmology and eaths memory of a different sky with saturn not (satan being the basis of alchemy and wicker herbal medicin)

  5. what ugly comments who are yous too judge, physical appearance is nothing when you compare the comments that im reading , we are all the same no matter what colour race or where you are from the sooner you people get over yourselves and start loving one another  life would be a lot more bearable , i am not better then you , and you  are not better then me WE ARE ALL THE SAME ,you dont have too be a scientist too figure this out , be kind , and learn to get along hesres a tip LOVE ONE ANOTHER  its not hard unless you want it too be and leave the monkeys alone what did they ever do to you people who think they above others need a reality check and i do believe that reality check is  not too far away .

  6. we shud interbreed instead making the human race one colour and nullifying racism, its been documented that interracial children are smarter and live longer since nature has more range to work with

  7. Hitler pumped up the Germans and made them believe that they were the superior race, but curiously 30 thousand or so Jews were in Hitlers army, even some in Hitlers SS were secretly Jews. So…you get the German Christian Goys to believe that they are supermen and convince them to fight and die for the sake of the German race whom Hitler has tricked into fighting against more non Jews. Meanwhile Marx and Engel are scheming with the their new baby Bolshevism, funded by Zionist Jew bankers, Schiff and Warburg, that leads to the slaughter of the Christian Czar and his family. And now, with the Zionist Jews firmly implanted in the leadership roles of the new Communist Russia, more Christians are convinced that they need to fight and die to stop Hitler. In the US, the thought of entering another world war is spurned by most Americans and only an "allowed" attack can get people to support the war. Now with millions of soldiers, nearly every one of them NOT a Jew, fighting against Hitler, who was funded by wall street, Stalin, also funded by Zionist bankers and other the other allies as well as millions of Asian NON Jews..well hell…doesn't it look like a war created by a bunch of war mongering Zionist Pigs intended to rid the world of what they call Goyim, or cattle, while they are left standing with hundreds of billions in profits gained by our own demise. Isn't that just great? So if any of you still think that the wars in the middle east are about fighting terrorism then you need to pull you head out of your ass, because while the Zionist Pigs use the media to demonize the good people, they are taking our tax dollars to start wars with an enemy that they created, and that they will profit from. These are the REAL terrorists and they are making fools of you whenever you believe a word they say about foreign policy or foreign leaders that are anti Zionists. These leaders don't hate US they hate the Zionist Pigs and the only way to save our country, the world, is to expose these fucking bastards and show the world who they really are.

  8. History, well, Zionist Jew history, loves to talk about the holocaust so much with over 300 films and almost a monthly mentioning of the "holocaust" that one would think it was the only human tragedy to ever occur, as if no other genocide ever took place in the modern era. HMMmmmmm..why is that? Do Zionist Jews who control the banks, the media and nearly everything else that affects mankind, believe that Jews lives are more important than non Jewish lives? Six million Jews were not exterminated in WW2…FACT…is truth anti semitic? NO, not if the person who says that bullshit lines isn't even a bit Semitic, as most Jews aren't. In fact tens of millions of Christians died in Russia between WW1 and 2, and then you include all the Americans, English, Germans, Poles, Australians, Czech's, and other allies that died that were NOT JEWSIH, well then, you begin to realize that these fucking cock suckers don't give two shits about the lives of what they call GOYIM. Now, you start to think about how Hitler wanted to expel the Jews, not all Jews are part of this, and that he also had tens of thousands of Jews in his army, add to that, the Russian Communists who were led by Zionist Jews that murdered tens of millions, it makes you wonder if it was all designed to kill millions of non Jews. And so it goes, the holocaust industry and the so called "survivors" collecting millions in "reparation" money, as if only Jews were in the POW camps, it all seems like it was a well engineered plan to get GOYIM to die in wars created by Zionist bankers. All the wars in the middle east were created by the same ASSHOLES…so people, I beg you, stop falling for their Zionist BullShit and wake up, unless you like the way treat you like animals.

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