Jesuit Vampire Priest Attacks Baby

Jesuit Catholic priest attacks a baby.
This souless demon creature Jesuit Catholic priest attacks a baby in front of his parents. Imagine the things Jesuits would do to your children when the parents arnt even around, if this is what they will do in fornt of the babys parents.

Also infant baptism is not biblical. The bible teaches baptism by full water immersion when they are old enough to believe. which is not a baby. Catholics do a water pouring or sprinkling which is not biblical. Full body water immersion is what the bible teaches. Everything the catholic church teaches and does is the complete inversion of biblical doctrine, and i think they do it on purpose, because the catholic church is satanic, and everything satan does is upsidedown from the truth.

Catholic parents are also to blame. Sending your children to catholic schools to get brainwashed, and bringing your new born babys to evil demonic jesuit priest to get them baptised. and bringing your children to catholic churches to get abused. You need to stop sending your children into the hands of satan.


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  1. What kind of idiot,worships a deity that does nothing on this earth,but make evil babies.?…God and Jesus,make sure every single baby on this earth,is born evil.What fucking kind of moron,worships a God that creates nothing but evil babies?You fucking Christians,are fucking crazy.

  2. The reason why people still sacrifice their offspring to the beast, is incomprehensible to me.  All religions are false religions that attach themselves to the divine.  Most religions were created, and contaminated to create slaves in vicious cycles of servitude.  It is no wonder why churches and religions are being destroyed, demolished and burned.  When people burn churches, the savior democracy builds another 10  Get a clue you are still voting for the same religion that enslaved your parents and all your children.

  3. I keep telling you people this until you get it through your heads. The Supreme Feminine Parent, this is why they want to destroy her because she is going to kill all those fuckers. That's why Satan and his angels be after her children and her, to destroy them because they can and will destroy the evil forces. It's not going to be the patriarchy that corrects itself. It will be the supreme divine feminine parent to do this. She will correct them. This is why the evil forces be trying to attack her heart and take her inner child away. Them damn spirit lions, careful with them. They want her energy too and her children.

    That is why losers like be trying to transfer the supreme feminine parent powers away from her, to keep her from wiping their asses out.

    All the religions prey on the divine feminine parent and her children. Once you observe what goes on behind the scenes in the spirit world, you will then see how awful they treat her while going to extreme lengths to take her energy and power away from her so they can use it. They can't do a thing without her power or her children. I am not a feminist and God innerstands that I love and cherish good men. My eyes are open though about these religions and their true intentions concerning the Supreme Divine Feminine Parent.

    That old ass priest should have gotten a beat down and then his hands chopped off. Why did the dad take so long to take the child away from the priest and the mother should have her ass kicked for just standing there doing nothing. I'm cases like this I believe in violence. You don't mess with my loved ones, especially my children. That's when I turn militant and vengeful.

  4. The baby knows he is mean and rotten and the parents dont know any better so shame on that priest for hurting that poor scared baby and hitting the baby that is just sick forgive him after he gets what deserves for doing that and forgive me for wanting that priest to suffer

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