Jesuit Vatican Assassins sent for Hillary Clinton

It would appear that the Clinton Foundation’s dealings in Haiti will be Hillary Clinton’s downfall. One can steal children and run them into a sex slavery operation for so long using charitable funds before attracting attention. Jesuits have been deployed to take down the Clinton Foundation and exploit a chink in the armor of this branch of the Pedophile network. It looks like Hillary Clinton has outlived her usefulness and it would seem her hubris and entitlement will definitely be her downfall.

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  1. I went to a Jesuit school. Doesn't mean anything. Am I evil or part of the elite? If you're equating attending a Jesuit school to being initiated into Skull & Bones, you're clearly making a false comparison.

  2. These two guys are trying to get a cash reward from the IRS for information that they have on the Clinton Foundation. Everyone should watch "Clinton Cash" here on You Tube. Then you can see how the Clinton Foundation has been trying to run the underworld while at the same time trying to do it tax free under the 501.c3 tax exempt status of a "charitable organization".

  3. Donald Trump became a born again Christian. As far as I understand, he was not going to church beforehand. Religion was not a part of his life for a long time. People change when they turn to God. I believe he was placed by God as our President at a time such as this, to clean house. Please pray about this. The reason you say it sounds like you are contradicting yourself is that you’re not right about Pres. Trump.

  4. Hillary will fall like leafs fall from trees she only thing that she can't be jail she only think that no one can't touch her and the rest of the clintons mob but she will go down its as been a very long time to happen but now she can't full the justicial watch and all the new denounciations of Jullian Assange she is now more than ever as a rock so she will drawn and go in to the buttom of the sea its anough that these clintons as play with every one pay every corropt politiciens there is so all leftist don't want to ear the truth abouth the clintons because they are all brain wash and if you belived the clintons well you must like corroption like to make coup and scam against others with the complicity of CNN MSNBC ABC BBC washington post the new york times these main stream media are also so corropt they simply have no shamed what the clinton foundation as done to Haiti is horrible the clintons foundation as take most of all the donation money hoo as been given for haiti not for the clintons what the clintons as done also Haiti is only 1/8 of all there actions leftist as the audacity to say that the uranium one deal is a fake news against them for the leftist its only what the other doe that count all there shit is ok so leftist are so brain wash so deaf and blind that they have ears and eyes only for the dems these days in washington DC its mob politiciens hoo wnat to run the US the Dems have the audacity to say that they have done nothing wrong and only republicans are the one to blame the dems as trash trump for more than too years already trying very hard to take him out of office so they used all the MSM the corropt news papers and all operator like on youtube and little shit news papers the dems think that all americans belived them well all the actions of the clintons will come out and they will go down its more than time that the dems face facts of there on shit so coming from me and im not even staying in the US im from Canada and belived me the politic in washington stink so much its worst than a skunk that clean up is more than due

  5. As an understood……? There is your first problem. You have elevated your understanding, professing to understand the mind of God, as do the Gnostics. Man's wisdom is foolishness unto God. Understand that whatever Trump does.. God is still ultimately in control. Regardless of his thought and plans. If he plans contrary to God's will. God will control things. If he is in line with God. God will control things.

    You need to focus on getting right with God. That is, and should be your only focus.

  6. Trump is not serving the vatican.he may have had 2 years of Jesuit school but he is serving the true Christian God.Father picked him for such a time as this .we have more then two witnesses that God spoke to about this coming time.joseph was trained under pharaoh,moses raised in that system but they were still belonging to our God for his was Queen esther.our heavenly Father has a way of raising up people and preparing them for future leadship Andrew purposes.he molds and shapes us in the potter,s hand an ongoing work preparing us for our destiny in him.if we choose to let him.donald has answered this call of God and accepted Jesus Christ and he is a piece of coal being pressed to produce the this process many others don't think we are so Christians to others but those that go through this and have eyes to see and ears to hear understand.l am so thankful that God is restoring all things before the return of Jesus and bring in the last day harvest,right wrongs personally and internationally before this time.he who began a good work in us will be Faithfull to complete it upon the return of Christ jesus.awesome God.

  7. This is what I've been saying, you can't trust any of them. IT'S US AGAINEST THEM, PEOPLE V GOVERNMENT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. FREEDOM NEEDS FIGHTERS.

  8. Trump is not on the side of the Jesuits. That's really simple-minded. Just because he went to a Jesuit university does not make him a Satanist/Luciferian. If you were going to defeat the Jesuits, wouldn't you want to find out as much as possible about them? That's why he's associated with them.

  9. i am the new world order baby that a political dynasty was founded on. 4 22 1977. mom Mary born 1 29 55. 18 months after my father 6 29 53. trump 29. trump terrorized me since 4 2016. its true. I did more then that disproving Einstein's theories and explaining black holes . how time works. the dark bubble breaking of the light speed limit which is fraud. I wish I wasn't robbed and left broke and unemployable. they wan. me to suffer for their crimes. they want me to kill myself. I will not

  10. Donald Trump was chosen by our Heavenly Father to be our President and there's no way that anyone can tell me any different! Some people actually think they are much smarter than our brilliant, genuine President!

  11. all naturally UN planned. I have had my life destroyed. I don't know if they will pay me for solving a multi trillion dollar valued global warming fix . in 1989. when I was 12 years old. the same year the Soviet union broke up. its true

  12. Jacob dolson Cox who led the march to the sea was my 3x great grandfather. District of Cox between Maryland and Virginia. im him. who was poisoned to death June 16 2016 and died on the toilet and woke 65 minutes later. all my organs turned back on one by one. I wrote 7 trumpets in Dec 2008. from 2009 to 2016 I fell into tribulations with black tar. they murdered me because I was there when cops murdered my friend with four shots to the back. that cops friends poisoned me. I wrote the email that made benedictory resign in November 2011. 11 11

  13. 1:50. I subscribe to the redheaded woman behind them. She is a victim of sexual assault by Senator Feinstein. Look up the video! Taunting the perps w/their victims seated at events and courtroom hearings. Fun to see some delicious justice. I am so proud of these courageous truth tellers. I feel like crying. They know she is hitlery.

  14. The Catholic Church is evangelical, and in a war with Islam. Don’t let the present Pope fool you. He is covert and diverting his enemy’s attention. Obama and the Clintons are pro-Islam and mortal enemies of the Catholic church. Trump is Protestant, no existential threat. Pedophilia is found in both religions.

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