Jesuit Vatican Assassins sent for Hillary Clinton


It would appear that the Clinton Foundation’s dealings in Haiti will be Hillary Clinton’s downfall. One can steal children and run them into a sex slavery operation for so long using charitable funds before attracting attention. Jesuits have been deployed to take down the Clinton Foundation and exploit a chink in the armor of this branch of the Pedophile network.

It looks like Hillary Clinton has outlived her usefulness and it would seem her hubris and entitlement will definitely be her downfall.


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  1. My dear potus is NOT a Jesuit lol. He may be in their so called league, but he is NOT initiated past a certain degree. Of course he has to infiltrate and in order to restore order must sleep with the enemy. it's strategic art of war basic level stuff. Fool the enemy appear weak when you're strong! He's the people's POTUS NOT to be perverted. He follows God and is restoring our constitution. This man is for good so much proof just have faith in Jesus Christ that's all you need to do to defeat this evil cabal

  2. I am also anti-Jesuit, because I know about the history of the Jesuits. BUT Trump is not a globalist and I don't believe he is associated with the Jesuits. Did he go to a Jesuit school? I don't know. I DO know that his mother was Scottish & Protestant and that she has given Mr. Trump a Protestant Bible. Trump may be born again, and I believe he is, but is a baby Christian. He stands for American Nationalism, is taking down the Deep State, AND HE STANDS FOR THE FREEDOM OF WORSHIP AND CHRISTIANITY. Jesus said "He who is not against us is for us", and Mr. Trump is for the freedom of Christians to worship. I think you need to re-think your philosophy about our President!! ARE YOU A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN??? Your language, used in a public forum on here is certainly not Christian. All of us are sinners, and we may use the "F" bomb on occasion—-but to do it in a public forum?? I don't think so!! Therefore, your credibility, TO ME, is doubtful!! Mrs. O.

  3. As per Trump and Pence, if you will re-watch the Bush funeral Trump and Pence never make eye contact or greet each other when the Trumps enter, even though Pence and his wife are sitting directly behind Trump and Melania. The Pences also received their envelop and were super friendly with Bill and Hillary. Q on D5: "Allow us to counter." Q was asked: what was in those envelops? Q: "Our counter!" So much going on at that funeral that says a lot about who is on which side. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. As to Trump being Jesuit educated, according to a prophetic word from Kim Clement before he passed away, Trump would not be truly converted to Christ until after he was elected. No one knows better than Trump that it was the miraculous Hand of God that put him in the presidency. Muslim today are being converted to Christianity by the droves through dreams and visions. God is in control of draining this swamp…Trump is super smart. God uses who He chooses today just like He has historically. As He spoke to Cyrus through Isaiah; …"Though you have NOT KNOWN ME"…I am going to use you as My anointed…I'm paraphrasing but you can read it here: Isaiah 45: 1-4 "I am sought of them that asked NOT for Me; I am found of them that sought Me NOT…" Is. 65:1 So God chooses who He wants when He wants…not as man chooses. Thanks for the interesting video.

  4. Well it seems that she may be found out. So the Vatican is now distancing itself now. Before the oatmeal hits. Remember the child accusation against the church. So it may have come up
    a notch or two. Possible missing children..Understand the drift?? IMO

  5. Rare recording exposes their plans Slavery and the eight veils Music has been weaponized Check ex banker Roland Bernard where he said less than 9,000 humans control the whole system of misery we are living under and all of them sacrifice children. And the bigest mafia are The religious-spirituals organisations and they are controlled by eatheric entities and feed off the human misery. Ephesios 6: 10 to 18.. Basilica – The King Serpent (Jonathan Kleck Mirror) Queen of Heaven HD (1 of 3) A century of war lies , nuclear power scam , X Biblical Earth: Do you support the DUNG? (Jeremiah 8:2) , Th castratti , Nvr mind th bullocks here is Sandra ANON…AMERICA IN 1933 CHANGED FOREVER. BUT WHY?? ,JUDE CHUCK MISSLER , College student becomes pro-life after seeing Gosnell movie "preacher interviews rabbi Abraham Finkelstein". Also check Jonathan Kleck "as heads is tails just call him lucifer" I AM has sent me unto you" "Their time is here" "Final case against lucifer" "You are exiles". Prof. Walter Veith series "Total Onslaught" "Mystery of the sun" Occult explosion" "They have made thy law void part 1 and 2". Dr Joye "The 3rd eye; why the Almighty created the pineal gland; how he hears all of our prayers and more" Hitlers spear of destiny, a call for an uprising, jeranism, Gary Wayne, tv is mind control, etc.etc.etc. Confessions of a nun Conspiracy of silence documentary. June 10 – Government Documents Admit Flat Earth: , I couldn't put all the links to the documents Pastor Dean referred to in the above presentations here as it was too long. So, here is a TXT file that includes them all in one place: , , , , ,, Dr. Sue Black; , The two witnesses What is the UN? , , YT Andrew Norton Webber , John Armstrong The Waters of Life , Zen Garcia , Gary Wayne , Rob Skiba , nystv , deep state , , Obama the pedophile Bush sr and bernie sanders are pedophiles Billy Graham was a fraud working for the SATICANO Dog headed people , listen carefully hollywood systemic pedophilia , sorceress and Rock and roll music Gen. Smedley Butler ,Illuminati: The Royal Serpent Seed Revealed on Camera , Michael Tellinger's presentation at BEM 2012

  6. clinton went to cambridge under all communist professors Trump claims to be presbyterian also trump is not
    Romanist but simple christian.
    Donald Trump is not after pope to honor him nor is he a globalist. inference is not evidence so stop over criticizing him. True romanist are globalist as the jews who are communist globalists.

  7. Vatican and the Royals are playing the noble good guy image for all their worth. They hope to weather the coming purges unscathed, so to emerge as the only ruling and surviving factions of the NWO. Everyone else is being thrown under the bus, over the bridge and in front of high speed trains. They are shocked "there's gambling going on in here"

  8. Be careful were you get your money
    Always strings
    Check out your uncle Sam. Don't pay him what you get. Hell they will take your kids
    Fatten them up and eat them
    Lol not really funny but true
    Dam this world
    The Lord says be not of this world

  9. If President Trump is a secret Globalist we have already lost.. really, If the USA falls to the Globalists.. the whole world will be ruled by the Globalists. What I've observed, and yes I've investigated… is that President Trump is a Christian, a Nationalist and a fine Hero of an American… he is a Patriot. God Bless him! I've found that there is a lot of propaganda made by our Enemies to destroy us. Anything that undermines our Nation…anyone that preaches the evil and wrong of the USA… they are all working for the Left…and they want us to hate our Government and each other. It would be easier for our Enemies if we were all full of hate. Our Nation is built upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights.. one of the most advanced forms of Government on Earth. Yes there is Corruption in our Government… the corruption is because of corrupt people, not because our Government is corrupt. Don't let our enemies talk you into throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  10. You know all these underground tunnels across the US? The ones with bunkers from Cali to NY? Betcha it’s packed full of poor little kids☹️. Poor poor babies. I hope God numbs their little minds so they can’t feel all the pain and sadness they suffer. It sickens me knowing this stuff.

  11. First time watching this channel…
    While I may not agree with everything you said or alluded to in this video, I do appreciate the fact that you are giving of your time and the hard work you are putting into your work. It is an honorable service to your countrymen to endeavor to investigate and present evidence of what is really going on behind the scenes.

    A true investigating reporter digs for and uncovers the facts with as much documentation as possible, and then presents it to his or her audience without the embellishments of his or her own personal opinions.

    That's exactly why all of us are turning to independent news outlets and reporting by individual citizen investigators seeking to expose truth and not conjecture.

    All anyone can humanly do in this age of deception and evil is number one, keep your eyes and ears open and base your knowledge of who is on the side of good or evil by what comes out of their mouth and by the evidence of proof for what they have allegedly done or not done.

    Number two, if you are God fearing and are inclined to the spiritual side, seek wisdom and discernment from the only one who is the epitome of truth and knowledge…God Himself! And when I say God I'm talking about God our Father, Who sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to be our Saviour. By His Spirit we can know the truth! Even if you are not a believer in God, please read on. I will not try to argue the point or convince you here.

    Now there is no deniability in regards to the crimes and treacherous deeds committed by many of the political and religious leaders around the world.and particularly in our own country. There are Jesuits, Zionists, elitists, globalist, world bankers and many, many members of occult and secret societies that are involved in an age old conspiracy to rule and dominate the peoples of this earth through devious and nefarious means. And may they be tried fairly and punished accordingly for their crimes against mankind and innocent children!

    Having said that, let's not stoop to the same level as the mass media outlets we have come to know as fake news or lame stream media by making accusations that are not backed up by irrefutable evidence. And as many have already stated in their comments on this thread, being a student, or having some level of relationship or correspondence with an institution or person of evil purpose does not unequivically make one likewise to be evil. On a side note, I also agree with the lady who commented on some of the lewd language used in this video…offensive to many of us and certainly has no need or place in a public forum.

    As individuals, we each have free moral agency which means we have the God- given ability to make a conscious choice for good or evil. We can choose evil or we can choose to turn to good and away from evil regardless of our past.

    No President or politician in American history has ever faced the level of scrutiny or the extent of investigation (an illegal investigation that violates his rights as a U.S. citizen for that matter) for the sole purpose of finding criminal activity or character defamation than President Trump has during the election process and after being sworn into public office. And after all of the tax payers money spent and all of the hours and hours of investigating and interviewing where is the proof of wrong doing?
    Why not report on the good that has.already been acomplished? Why not instill hope and good faith based on his current track record in stead of inciting fear and doubt of what if?

    Time will indeed tell who is who and what is what. But let judgment be made based on what people have done not on what they might do. Persimmons are the fruit of a persimmon tree. Cherrys are the fruit of a cherry tree. If you are uncertain which is which, watch what kind of fruit grows on it.

    May God bless the truth and those who honestly seek it.

  12. At one time the Vatican stayed away from government. Seemed the government hated the Catholic Church. When Kennedy was elected president everyone was so worried that the Catholic Church would be in the USA government. Far from the truth! Kennedy’s were as faithless s ever to the Vatican. But time is come that Vatican and government will be together as one. Am I correct at saying many people are leaving the Catholic Church in groves??

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