Kenneth Copeland was used by Jesus to spread the message of faith for many tens of years. Devil however set up the trap for him and when he met Catholic Charismatics, they turn him into Roman lies…Now he spreads the Pope’s message. A Must!


6 Replies to “Jesuit voices behind the Protestant pulpit:Kenneth Copeland”

  1. So since the protest is over, Kenneth, do we now embrace Catholicism? Do we sacrifice Jesus daily, or was it done once? Do we pray to Mary now, since she has been given the title of, "The Mother of God", and, "Co-Redemptress"?
    We have no other Redeemer, but Jesus!
    The Bible says, "Can two walk together, except they agree?"
    They cannot.
    The Protest isn't over. Luther had many more disagreements with the Catholic Church.
    We love Catholics…we just cannot condone their beliefs.
    We cannot place ourselves under the Pope, and the Vatican.
    Kenneth…you would do well to heed the teachings of Paul.
    If we place ourselves back under the Law, we have fallen from Grace, and we have trampled, underfoot, the blood of Jesus.

  2. Saints: Avoid this man like the plague and be not a partaker with him in the coming Judgment. Sorry, Mr. Copeland, but I do protest: "Can two walk together;except they be agreed?" Amos 3:3

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