Jesuit-Illuminati-Psychiatric quest for world dominion is a Romanoid quest – Despotism to be Romanoid in structure as Roman Empire and Roman Catholicism – Vatican remains as focal point – Psychiatric profession silencing truthers – Secret police and coca leaf utilised in Paraguayan Reductions – Soviet Gulags Jesuitical – Soviet Union a brainchild of Jesuitry – Fascism a creation of Jesuitry – Fascism and Communism Jesuit creations used dialectically – Pope Pius XII fond of Fascism – Fascism and Communism Dark Age structures favoured by Jesuitry – Fr. Edmond Walsh SJ playing off Stalin and American Government in pursuit of Jesuit world dominion – Georgetown dictates NATO foreign policy – Ultra-Aristocratic families to be rulers during synthetic Dark Age – Catholic Percy dynasty of Britain in charge of de-populationist agenda – Percy family dominate New Age movement – Percy dynasty use New Agers to promote Malthusianism – Counter-Reformation completed by Congress of Vienna thus Jesuits have pursued world dominion since – Bavarian Illuminati revived will of Alumbrados – Jesuit world dominion codified at Chieri – Knights of Malta and CIA – Knights of Malta subordinate to Jesuits – Britain always remained Feudal thus easy for Jesuits to colonise – Welcome to the new Dark Age.


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