Jesuits Admit They Are Helping Illegal Aliens Enter The US Criminally

Jesuits Admit They Are Helping Illegal Aliens Enter The US Criminally
New evidence has emerged that reveals the role the Jesuit order, led by Pope Francis, is playing in the current US border crisis. According to their own website,, the Catholic order is helping to assist illegal aliens to enter the United States criminally. The goal of the Jesuits has always been the same, and that is to undermine nation-states that don’t submit to the political power of the Papacy. The goal of George Soros is similar, although less religious. He desires a globalist government and the eradication of every nation-state. A sub-site on the Jesuits official website has the heading “Faith on the Border: Jesuits and Partners Come to the Aid of Deported Migrants” and reports their illegal efforts to undermine American immigration law. That website, by the way, is worth…
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  1. That devil worshipping bastard. He will get his. The next person that says o, those poor people to me, I really am going to start posting , rather having their addresses posted at the border for illegals to see, telling them to go to this place for a place to stay, food and housing and medical care, since they seem to think they want to help them. Let them do it with their own money and facilities. That's all there is to it. Very simple solution, put up or shut up!!!!!

  2. Let Jesuits rebellions clergy take this caravan to Curia of Jesuits community in Rome. Let them take care on their own. Church knows well that because of their disobedience against Pontifex, they had been sentenced for 100 years, expelled from the Church. Their servants most probably George Soros.

  3. Your Homework for the end of 2018: Compare and contrast Albert Einstein and George Soros. You adults and teenagers in the United States have four and a half weeks to give me the most detailed and accurate response. The best response by January 1, 2019 will subscribe to me.

  4. You are off my donation list. I am Catholic but the church should not rule the people. Only God has a say and you the pope is not GOD or should you pretend to know what God wants. You are man and you priests are man and have proven to be man.

  5. Every one of them should be charged for breaking our laws. If the Pope wants to encourage illegal aliens, have his priests bring them to him to live at the Vatican. If I am right, when Obama was shipping illegals from the caravans that occurred while he was in office, he was giving them over to Catholic Charities. Wouldn’t be surprised if if was to these priests. Guess it would explain why they didn’t complain when Obama told them not to tell anyone where the people were going. They are just as guilty of breaking the law. Wrong for them to break laws, but apparently they do not believe we have a right to be a sovereign nation, but the Vatican does? God Himself believed in borders, so why should these groups tell us we cannot? They are all committing crimes, so all should be charged. Francis is very guilty and should not be allowed back in the US. F he comes here, he should face charges as should old Mr Soros.

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