Jesuits Adventists & Abortion [Prophesyagain Andrew Henriques]

Andrew Henriques published a confusing and disturbing article here about Jesuits and abortion’re-Committed-To-Narrowing-The-Gap-Between-Church-State-Using-The-Abortion-Issue

History of Abortion in the Adventist Church
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  1. Brother Andrew. Please remember this as well, at the time the American Christians were fighting against Abortion in America and it became illegal around 1880, there was another movement under the radar. The Spirit of God has reminded me of the correlation and it was the Sunday Rest Bill that many in congress wanted to pass during this time and fought for. But the Lord used our Brother E.J. Wagoneer and testified in congress to put a stop to this at that moment in time! And so the things of the past and how the Work Unions fought for peoples Sunday/Family rest it is now! And so as the things of the past and how the Right Conservative Christians fought to make abortion illegal in the 1800s it is now! Things repeat themselves there is nothing new under the sun and Satan's tactics the Lord shows them to us for clarity and testament of His soon return! Brother, I condemn abortion, but Satan uses things that seem good for his benefit to try to destroy God's true remnant and to bring forth destruction to all. May God's peace and love be with you!

  2. I agree with Pastor Andrew Henriques in this matter. He is a man inspired by God and his ministry follows the path of what Christ has commanded us, to preach the 3 Angels Message.
    I am not stating that at times he commit errors, if he has mis-quoted any scripture or writings of SOP, He is inclined by the Spirit to acknowledge and resolve the matter and apologize, I am have seen this.
    When I view the Jesuits, I see nothing but confusion. The preach dont match the practice the daily life. They bring forth confusion. They mask their true intentions.
    Satan has used both sides of the coins when it comes to evil and so called good, in using the Jesuits to bring forth their mission for the NWO under the banner of the Papacy and bring forth the reign of their False Messiah whom is the Angel of Light to appear to men under deception in ruling the earth with the Beast- the Papacy. The world under the banner of Satan and its practice of sin have gone far off stray practicing nothing but evil such as abortion, homosexuality, beastiality, pornography, witchcraft, blasphemy, adultery, drunkeness, etc… and in turn the strong right in the USA the so called conservative right wing Christians will take a stance and clamor and say this is enough but under false mis-guided truth and conviction! They will be under the influence of Satan and his demons as they continue to practice false worship and blatant disobedience to God's Truth in the commandments. This will be prevalent and stronger as morality declines and the calamities start getting stronger and more frequent upon the land. We even see this is happening now and things are getting more intense as the days pass us by. Satan's Jesuits has used this tactic to bring forth all under the same banner to unite the common good for men to bring forth morality into society and one of the biggest mechanisms to achieve is this through is by the means of Family Day the day of worship which is Sunday! Laudato Si Canon is put in place as a manuscript, a template for us to live in a Utopian world, to bring forth peace under the false guise of Sunday worship. We must proclaim the 3 Angels Message and bring forth the lost out of Babylon into the Lord's fold. We must proclaim the sins within the House of the Lord and clamor and pray for true repentance, revival and reformation! There is a lot at stake and we must be faithful and obedient only to the Lord's voice until the end! Maranatha!

  3. Other than agreeing with much of what Prophecy Again ministry promotes, I have no affiliation with them. Having stated that I can now state the following: It is obvious you are unfamiliar with the work of Prophecy Again ministry and really don’t have an understanding of the article you think you have an objection with. If you did you would know that the ministry is vehemently opposed to abortion in the SDA church and has publicly stated it on many occasions. As heinous as child murder is, it is a symptom of a much bigger problem in the SDA church. Many of the church's leaders have gone away backward and have turned their backs on the law of God and are preparing to worship the sun. Because of your fixation on abortion as the only problem of our church, you are missing the big picture. If the SDA church reversed itself today on its secret child murder acceptance policy, as an institution it would still be headed for the lake of fire. It’s time for you to see this for the bigger issue it is.

  4. Andrew here is how Jesus views the unborn: "In his sermon on the mount, the Son of God mourns over lost souls. Before His eyes pass the millions of souls yet unborn who would multiply their evil works, reject His pleadings, and rob Him of the glory that He would have received had they allowed Him to impart to them the divine nature." EG White PH058 3.1 They are individually seen, even before they are conceived, to be souls in need of salvation. For us to call them less than souls after conception is unfounded. Praying for God to give you wisdom to reach the hearts of the church leaders. SDA's are not the only denomination that lean towards pro-choice. But we may be the only ones who seem to be mystifying our stance and history on the subject. If we see that we have done wrong we need to admit it, ask for God's forgiveness, and apologize to the world for not representing Christ's ministry of healing.

  5. Another question: If the Jesuits become vegans, should we start eating meat? What if the Jesuits started speaking against smoking and alcohol? Should we then start smoking and drinking to avoid looking like Jesuits?

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