The military coup currently going on in Turkey is led by the Gulen Movement. This Gulen movement is operated and controlled by the Jesuit order. The Gulen movement has thousands of people all around the world in different branches of institutions from teaching to military. This is a clear example of how Jesuits operate in secrecy then attempt a communistic take over! Pray for the people of Turkey!

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The Jesuits control Gulen Movement:

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6 Replies to “Jesuits are behind Turkey Military Coup!”

  1. Thank you brother, greetings from Turkey.

    When I started to reading about Jesuits, my mind boggled how it is so similar with Gulen Movement. Gulen's control room is in Pennsylvania,Saylosburg – which was used by Jesuits and rented to him by them which is , and not far away to CIA HQ. Gulen's website( : Turkish for Hercules, which is really funny cause how good can you preach Islam with Roman Mythology 🙂 ) has tromendeous amounts of info about collaborations with Jesuits. Gulen has more than a hundred schools in America. Gulen's ex-followers admit that he's saying ''You need to be like air, you should be feel'd, but must not be seen!'', that is the very 500 year lifestyle of Jesuits. Imagine a a man controlling millions in more than 80 countries and with his speechs but he is also has very schizophrenic type of body language, using Diazepam for 30 years, meaning he is very open for mk ultra: meaning he and his rotten mind is being controlled ( by CIA or Jesuits I dont give shit, they are all demonic entitites)

    But here is the point, this coup is not a sudden plan, we need to understand behind the organization. Gulen has his roots back in the late 1970's and its strategy is slowly heat the frog in watercup. Back in 70's, Turkish People polarized into Left and Right wings(engineered by CIA).They had their own so-called student houses, ''Ülkü Ocakları'' for Right wing and ''Halkevleri'' for the Left. Polarization got so violent, thousands of young Turkish people died for nothing. The student houses were so dangerous that many geniune Turkish youth couldn't get education. While CIA was dropping this polarization, they were also organizing Gulen Movement in another part in Turkey, with his ''Işık Evleri'' means ''Home of Light'', seem like a cozy and peaceful dorms for poor and clever students to study and also learn ''Islam''(!).

    More than 45 years passed with this demonic organizational entity with divided hierarchical rank system, seized the geniune Turkish youth and their untouched minds, engineered them into robotic chickens, ''educated'' them with absence of critical thinking and individuality with very false Evangelic Islam, a %100 percent obedient product, perform every order without conscience. (again just like Ignatius de Loyola made his minions with Spiritual Exercies and rhetorics of ) His students became judges, generals, doctors, mayors and members of the parliament.

    After Tayyip Erdogan came to power (AKP Party) in 2001 by Gulen's Help ($$$), he helped back to Gulen Movement , they reached every capillary of Turkish Governmental System with great speed more than ever in their history. Tayyip was a very fond friend of Gulen until 2013. But this friendship suddenly(!) stopped with tape scandals and the point at the moment is clear.

    Anyways the critical point is Turkish People didn't extract the virus in this 4 month of time, because the virus is controlling both sides. Jesuits have unimaginable talent of controlling things from behind. They are the minds behind every revolution, every great plot and most of the leaders in history(and still they are). They have the ultimate knowledge about duality, manipulation and social engineering. (Read Sun Tzu)

    The theatre is still on the play and it is in every country. Not only us Turks but all the good people in the world who doesn't want see his or her culture burnt down, every child taken by the ever-descending schooling system to be a zombie mind slave we all need to understand. And the only way to understand how the world works is not easy, it is painful, because you need to get out of your ''comfort zone''. Truth can be seen conscience and patience. Patience to read this ''Opus Dei of Babylon'' and how the symbols and illusions make us stuck in their black box.

    Having an education without critical thinking is a brain without mind.

    FUN FACT: After the left right clashes got hardcore, 'Military 'Coup of1981'' orchestrated by Graham Fuller / CIA Agent, mostly known with hisquote ''Our boys did it!''. And there is the rumor about Graham Fuller he came to Turkey in 15th of July and orchestrated the event, when the ''experimental (not so well planned coup'' failed there was just a single Helicopter that flee away to Greece, and when they found the abandoned heli, all the military codes and flight data were erasen. (which is not a ordinary engineer talent'')

    As a muslim I salute you my Christian friend, I hope one day people step out of this sarcastic and plastic world view and return to true peace of conscience.

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