Jesuits behind Genocide declaration.Pope launches Instagram.Spirit of unrest in world and church

Subjects Addressed: This beatitude, Matthew 5:8, represents Jesus writing His pure laws in our hearts and blotting out our sins. (9:55)
This beatitude, Matthew 5:8, is to prepare the 144,000. (13:00)
Pope Francis and Knights of Columbus urged U.S. politicians to declare that ISIS is committing genocide. John Kerry and Congress agreed with the Jesuits. (30:10)
Pope Francis launches Instagram. He will use “images” to unite peoples, nations, cultures, and languages. In other words, the Pope will repeat the actions of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 3: 1-8. (39:50)
The Lord prophesied that the same teachings that led to the French Revolution will be repeated in these last days, beginning in the U.S. That prophecy is being fulfilled in the events of the Occupy Movement, Democracy Spring, Black Lives Matter, and anti-government marches, riots, and bloodshed. (45:50)
Ministers and people within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination have joined and supported the Black Lives Matter movement. (54:00)
Ministers and people within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination are manifesting the spirit of unrest regarding the LGBT movement, women’s ordination, and racism within the church. (54:30)
We need a converted experience like Jacob, purity of heart, in order to meet final crisis, and to see the face of Jesus in peace. (57:45)


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  1. Sermon too long!? What!? Powerful message. As usual get your note book. Personal. Practical. Present Truth. The angels are on extra duty; Pastor is giving the enemy massive blows. Amen! Let us continue to pray for our Pastor and love ones, and for continued outreach of God's ministry. God is our Father who keeps knocking. Amen!

  2. If this message dont wake us up nothing will God is really blessing this pastor we need to pray that no evil power will take him out of youtube so we can get as much as we can…..I never knew that the beatitude message was so deep.Praise God for the revelation,that's why God say by lack of knowledge my people perish and a lot of us who is not having that knowledge will perish we need to pray more than ever for God's people only the holy spirit can wake them up if we all pray…..

  3. I'm taking notes!! I want to see what this man is saying! I want to be one of the 144,000, I will strive to become one!! Father in heaven I want you to write your law upon my heart and mind!! blessed are the pure at heart, for they will see God!! Amen!

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