James Arrabito exposes the Roman Catholic Church and the military arm of this organization: the Jesuits. The plan of Catholic control is revealed as well as the subversive tactics employed to bring Protestantism under the sway of Rome. A powerful documentary.


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  1. THE SILENCE OF LENT – an exercise in giving the Holy Spirit voice and mortal man ears to hear.
    TO ALL CATHOLICS and ALL CHRISTIANS of good will–During this year's season of Lent let us focus our thoughts even more on Christ in preparation for a blessed Easter.

    Let's stop all responses to anti-Catholics & live out the Lenten season in peace & harmony & quiet to remember the silence of our suffering Lord. Please that we may learn to hold our tongues and let the power of God shine brighter in our weakness.

    Let us turn to contemplative daily prayers for these who rale against God's church. Let's pray that the Holy Spirit will hear our silence and speak boldly before us and deep into the hearts of those that hate the Catholic church. May they be converted by the sound of the Holy Spirit and not the clamour of our voices this lent. Let our silence be the sound of God's power calling them to His church through whatever means He chooses. Please stop the debates this Lent for Jesus and let our silence be the testament and trust of our Lord's powerful glory in His church.
    please post this everywhere that the Holy Spirit leads you and remember to disable comments and keep the inbox clean.

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