Jesuits celebrate 500th anniversary of Diego Laínez, successor to St. Ignatius of Loyola The religious community of the Jesuits has many well known members such as Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Saint Francis Borgia and Saint Francis Xavier. But few know the importance of Diego Laínez, the first successor of St. Ignatius as the head of the Society of Jesus. .


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  1. The Jesuits teach that "the christ" is an external being who died on the cross rather than what the teachings are all about… "The Christ" is a state of mind. This was twisted by the church as a means of control over the population. Visit my channel page and see the Orion nebula all over the churches on my background. This is about knowledge folks…Yes they are defenders of THEIR control over YOU… not of faith.

  2. The Pharisees and scholars have hidden the keys of knowledge. They have not entered nor do they allow those who want to, to do so. – Jesus Christ (Gospel Of Thomas). The Jesuits display their obvious knowledge of the stars all over the place. They are a continuance of the knowledge of Egypt. Athanasius Kircher was the founder of Egyptology and famous Jesuit priest that practiced Alchemy.

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