Jesuits Created by illumanati Infiltrating Protestants NWO.avi

Also see,, Former Head investigator at Pentagon says 700-800 Jesuits Graduate each year and are assigned to INFILTRATATE Baptist, Methodist, Penetacostal, Mormon all Churches to put the POPE in charge of the world, You can google their Oath, it was entered into the Congressional Rcord 62 congress 3rd session, then someone slipped in a PHYSICALL TORE it OUT,
Jesus told the Sandhedrin You have made so many LAWS (600) our Fathers 10 commandments have no effect, Jesus told them Your Father is the DEVIL

The wrote the TALMUD 200ad and 700ad, then it bacame the Religion of the Karzanians who later become the ZIONIST

the Crypto Jews=Zionsit started the JESUITS in 1526, the TaLMUD says Jesus Mother was a Whore, I suspect the Jesuits use the TALMUD in Secret with the Zionist and the Protestants that have been Infiltrated

it is connected to Bizare Rituals, even baby sacrafice, see on youtube Cathy O’Brian,

They are controlling America with Drugs in Water, Food, Cola’s, its a NeuroToxin=people do not realize they are drugged, see, they also use see youtube Edward Bernays Media Mind Control Method, 3 generations of Bush Family have worked with the Pope and Zionsit to set up New World Order, You local Home town Newspapers are owned and run by either Phony Protestants that are really Jesuits, or out right owned by Catholics, to take the Blinders off see=,History is Hidden see LarouchPac, Truthful=Tv, “Fiat Empire”, MkUltra, Code Name ArtiChoke, Jews vs Zionist,,


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  1. Infiltration of Jesuitism into Modern Protestantism:

    During the XX century, the decadence of the Western world into hedonism also imbued modern Protestantism. The principle of Protestantism – "Only Scripture" was replaced with the principle – "Only my feelings! Only my Ego!" Various self-deceiving techniques, against which Protestantism arose in the 16th century, have again become actual, either under the form of contemporary religion, or under the form of contemporary psychology. The result of accepting Jesuit's delusions is the fact that many Protestants no longer see any reason for the protest, and since they themselves advocate the Jesuit's delusions, they are not aware of what against they should protest. Those who, however, continue to criticize Jesuitism, usually do it extremely superficially, dealing with its intentions, but incapable of reprimanding its delusions. The most tragic consequence of Jesuit's delusions is the suffocated awareness of one's own spiritual need, the absence of healthy self-criticism, and the throwing of responsibility for the bad fruits of their spirit to stressful situations and childhood traumas. This book is a response to the need to unmask Jesuit's delusions and their self-deceiving techniques which today many people apply in search of that peace that only God can bestow on them through all the simplicity of the neglected Gospel. This book also presents a critical analysis of some psychological techniques applied by atheists, so it can be interesting and useful to them, regardless of the occasional use of spiritual terms.

  2. Between 500,000 & 1,000,000 JESUITS in America Posing as PROTESTANT Preachers, Professors, Judges etc see JESUIT INFILTRATION, JESUIT OATH, EX=JESUIT Alberto Rivera and Head Investigator at the PENTAGON Mr HIRAM DUKES, see Methodist TRAITOR HARRY F WARD

    Google BLACK POPE, he recently said POVERTY IS GOOD, Crypto Jews with Black Nobility Helped LOYOLA start JESUITS, Jesuits started Zionist, see VATICAN ASSASSINS, see JEWS vs ZIONIST see CIA TATUM CHRONICLES, FBI TED GUNTERSON, wFLUORIDEALERTorg

  3. @khasseki the MATRIX get MUDDY around 1526, see cashkelesh channel he only has up two films at the end he gives Books written, you can access cashkelesh on my front page under other channels,

    Also see on youtube THE HISTORY OF THE JESUITS, you see Joe Aribbtio reading from the book PAWNS IN THE GAME,

  4. NEGATIVE Person can DRAIN you of your ENERGY & make you SICK, Even a Neighbor who puts off BAD VIBRATIONS
    Only TWO (2) "NATURAL" Human Emotions
    #1. LOVE
    FEAR can Produce many EMOTIONS, Paranoia, Evil Mind, Patriot Act for Control, Preachers, Iman, Rabbi's , Priest use FEAR to Control People

    JESUS said LOVE God with Heart, Mind =Think LOVE, 61ad it was Revealed to PAUL that all will be SAVED then PAUL Wrote NOW I have a Sound Mind (Good Mental Health) and "NO FEAR" see wwwASKELMcom

  5. @deadadelta JEWS Alumbrados Society the ILLUMINATED Ones Started the JESUITS in 1526 & Still Control them see its a Nick Name BLACK POPE, Muredered 3 of Main Popes

    GEORGE WASHINGTON Refused to sit in MASONIC LODGE with ILLUMINATI, Big Blow to Masonry= Captain Morgan was Murdered by the ILLUMINATI for writing 3 Letters to top Masons Warning them they were INFILTRATED by ILLUMINATI


  6. Jesuits and Jews; the black and white left hand. Catholics and Masons the black and white right hand of Satan. Delusion abounds. Chaos is the new paradigm. Deceit and corruption greases the corridors of power. Human sacrifice, sodomy and paedophilia the new entertainment industry. This is their moment, taking with them all who sin to judgement. The lake of fire is waiting.

  7. New TALMUD Bible its a UFO Bible

    Google TALMUD JAMMANUEL this is the 3rd Talmud Bible they also have KABALA

    Just in time for the Space Ships we have Built with 1/5 of the American Budget under BLACK OPS, Google BLACK POPE & his Army BLACK WATER

    JESUITS were started by and stil Controlled the TALMUD Bible Worshippers, now called ZIOIST BANKERS

    Gentleman in this Film Tells of a SECRET GROUP Controlling JESUITS its the Bankers

  8. Texas Lady, Google Southern Newspapers Inc, Ms Lissa Vieheldick sits on 1.5 Billion in TRUST fund money at Trinity Methodist University, see who has spoken at this University,

    Many TALMUD bible worshippers

    Look at the Names named in CIA agent Book "TATUM CHRONICLES" connected to Drug Dealing Compare names to Past speakers at Trinity , Yes we have a DRUG PROBLEM in North Alabama

    One Politican said the people BELEIVE every word these little home town papers write

  9. In TEXAS a Lady by the name of Ms Lissa Vieheldeck owns the Local NewsPapers in Marshall Dekalb County, she hangs out with the Biggest DRUG DEALERS in the World and we have a DRUG PROBLEM

    Her Papers help put in Office, Judges, District Attorneys, Sheriffs etc they do not Need CIRCUIT JUDGES on pay role, the City & District Judges Dismiss cases when one of their Drug Dealers are Accidently Arrested.

    Jailors are at the Heart of the Operation for they hear everything thats going on

  10. JESUITS are Bringing in DRUGS to Your Area

    1882 after being RUN out of 88 Countries JESUITS Created the Knights of Columbus, 99% of the K of C are good people , However LURKING in the back Ground is a JESUIT

    REALESTATE, they purchase old houses, buy material with CASH, pay Labor CASH then bingo they sell for big profit, over and over they get LUCKY

    Here in Marshall County we have Realestate people and an Appraiser working together own GUNTERSVILLE YACHT CLUB

  11. @fu66 THANKS only about 1 in ten Have enough Mind Left to Realize that Drinking RAT POISON is not good for them.

    My Opinion ASPARTAME connected to SUNSHINE is what Causes MELANOMA CANCER

    Cola's have a High Dose of Sodium Fluoride 3-5 percent, they also contain PHORSPHORIC ACID mixed with 14 teaspoons of sugar this is what makes them ADDICTIVE

    Pure Water, MAGNESIUM CITRATE or SULFATE see SCIENTIST Y/T=georgeeby
    Almost overnie People FEEL BETTER, also breaks ADDICTION to COla

  12. @fu66 Thanks, Now Please Help me get the People off the RAT POISON its a NeuroToxin in their BRAINS, In some Rat Poisons the ONLY INGREDIENT is Sodium Fluoride

    Pure water, Magnesium Citrate or Sulfate will BREAK ADDICTION to Cola (LOADED) many DRUgS, DEPRESSION all in two weeks, Plus People Just FEEL BETTER see Films at "FLUORIdEALERT" and SCIENTIST on YouTube=georgeeby

    God Bless

  13. Every 72 Seconds in America someone comes down with Alzeheimers Disease, this is Caused from Drinking tiny Aluminum, Lead , Arsenic, barium, Arsenic etc thats what FLUORIDE is also called SODIUM=its a DRUG a NEUROTOXIN see fillms at "FLUORIDEALERT"

  14. More than People can Imagine We are DRUGGED before Birth to Death, they are Adding Hex-ACID to our BRAINS thru Water=FluorideCola's=Sodium has=tiny Particles of Aluminum, Lead etc attaches to ends of Neurons forms Clusters in Pineal Gland, Causes Lazy Thyroid=Depression=Tired BAd Feeling, Damaging thinking 25% upto Millions with NO MIND LEFT, see Films at "FLUORIDEALERT", 4cents day Take Magnesium especially at Bedtime, Pure Water, ADDICTION to Cola & Sweets Broke in 2 weeks, You go thru Changes

  15. NWO has the World DRUGGED with a NeuroToxin in their Brains delivered thru Cola's SODIUM is Really Hex-ACID=micro=tiny=little Aluminum, Lead, Barium, Aresenic, Aluminum is attaching to ends of Neurons in Brain, Damaging Thinking Ability up to Millions sitting Nursing Homes with NO MIND LEFT, see Films at "FLUORIDEALERT" & FluorideAction, take magnesium before each meal Pure water High dose Vit D, Pure Water add 1/4 Tea Sp IODIZED sEA SALT per gal ADDICTION to COLA's broke in two weeks

  16. @deadadelta Masonic jewsare working FOR the jesuits.

    I found this SAME video clip, in a 2 part series, and I see that YOU added the words "created by crypto jews…"

    LISTEN TO ERIC PHELPS. As GOD as my witness, the man is speaking the TRUTH!

  17. @MrDuffy81 I will watch Your films when I get time,

    I am not AntiJewish, One of my top 5 Friends was the Honorable Murray Sentner a Great American, He was the Key Note Speaker at the Dedication of the Holocaust Museum in DC.

    Bankers Who claim to be Jews are the real Evil in this World, along with the Corporations etc,

    Everyone that claims to be Jew is not Real Jew


    There is SOOOO FUCKING MUCH jewish disinfo out there. Instead of starting from the outside in, watch my JESUIT playlist, and work from the inside out…


  19. @deadadelta If You listen to what Roberto Rivera says, He states their is SECRET GROUPS INSIDE the Jesuits

    CRYPTO JeWS worship with the TALMUD it says Jesus Mother was a WHORE and its ok for their Priest to have SEX with Little Girsl 3 years old and SEX with little Boys does not Count as SEX sound like lots of Jesuits to Me.

    YouTube TED PIKE the otherside of ISRAEL

  20. @MrDuffy81 Thanks for the Comment, Jesuits Killed Jesus?

    Jesuits were created in 1526 Which Jesus did they Kill?

    For bible SECRETS HIDDEN for 1,600 years, You might like to Visit the late Dr. Martins site, "ASKELM"

  21. I'm sorry, but this video is BS. Jesuits killed jesus. They have contempt for the Jew. They may pose as jews, as to slander the reputation of the jew, but jesuitism is running the NWO.

    Eric Phelos explains things SO WELL. Why anyone would NOT listen to him i simply a matter of ignorance. People sya, he is a zionist, but LISTEN TO HIM explain the difference between a worker party labor zionist and a biblical zionist!


  22. @911truthseekers What do you know about jesuitism, though? The CIA is a jesuit creation. It was made by the nazis of proj. paperclip fame, and the nazis were catholics. Skull and Bones is linked to jesuitism, as well. Have you ever listenede to ERIC PHELPS?

    Thanks for answering my questions…

  23. Thank You Friend, Except for is Jay Z a Mason I have seen them all

    I have been a Mason 3rd degree for 37 years, Not until You pass the 33rd degree are You informed about NWO plan, then it appers Your carefully screened to go higher, 32degree was as High as I went my Promotion was denied without good cause

    Past 33 it appears their may exist Illumanati?

    see my films of NWO evil taticts, use of Drugs, neuroToxin in Cola,Water see films FluorideAlert, FluorideAction

  24. The Atheist will be better off during Resurections than the People who got in a Contract for their Salvation with Satan, Revelations Satan will Deceive the Whole World, Satan is to be Complimented on a Job well done, see Scientific Secrets and Religious Secrets hidden for 1,,600 Years at ASKELM

  25. Just Youtube =(4 of 4) Benjamin Fulford interview with David Rockefeller, 6million Chinese have Sworn to Hunt down a Kill the whole Families of the NWO if they go ahead with the MASS Population deaths,
    Fulford also reveals the Chinese have Technology that hide a whole Submarine from other countries technology (guess NANO)

    See Report China in Prophecy completed many years ago by Dr Martin, at askelm, CIA said we should of been reading Martin, He made many Predictions that come true"

  26. Just Google Fluoride, You will see its a NeuroToxin in the Brain, take 250mg of Magnesium before each meal, Purify Water, addiction to cola's will be broke in about two weeks, Hitler and Stalin, Lenin used high doses at concentation camps, cut guards 75%, see book the DEVIL'S POISON and Fluoride The Deception

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