“I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all Protestants and Liberals to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth”
Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction

The Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits, with their Sun Worship logo, operate in the highest echelons of the Jesuit Illuminati, or rather their leaders do. It is the Jesuit leadership that controls the Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Knights of Columbus in the USA, and works closely with another secret order of the Roman Church, Opus Dei, which was created by the Jesuits.

The Society of Jesus was the creation of Ignatius Loyola, who was born at the Castle of Loyola in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa in Spain on Christmas Eve 1491. He and a group of associates founded the Jesuit Order in 1537 and it was given papal approval in 1540.

From there it expanded its influence until it reached its present status as one of the most powerful secret societies on earth. Loyola became the first Jesuit Superior General, also know as the ‘Father General’, and he sent his agents far and wide to set up schools, colleges, and seminaries.

The Jesuits now have some 17,000 members in 112 countries and the worldwide structure consists of region known as assistances, which are themselves made up of provinces.

The Superior General has absolute authority and is again chosen for life, or until he decides to resign. The Jesuit Constitutions were written by Loyola and created a dictatorship that demanded absolute obedience to the Pope and ‘superiors’ with the Order.

He said that Jesuits should be ‘well-disciplined like a corpse’. Loyola produced a book call Spiritual Exercises(modern day psychology) in 1548 and it is still at the heart of Jesuit ‘education’. It tells Jesuits to suspend their own judgement and the thirteenth rule says it is virtue to believe only what the Catholic Church tells them even if it’s not true.

The example is given of seeing something that is obviously white, but believing it is really black if the Catholic hierarchy says it is..

On top of the Jesuit powerstructure stands the superior-general of the order.

Below him is probably the ex superior-general who is still alive.

Under him are the four assistants of the superior-general and three of these assistants are also regional assistants.

Below these assistants there are seven regional assistants and in total there are ten assistancies.

Below him there are six presidents of the Conferences.

And the list goes on and on. This is probably the powerstructure in the top of the Jesuits:

Arturo Sosa Abascal

Ex superior-general:
Adolfo Nicolas

Assistant Ad Providentiam & president Conference European Provincials:
John Dardis

Assistant Ad Providentiam, Admonitor & Regional Assistant US & Canada:
Douglas Marcouiller

Assistant Ad Providentiam & Regional Assistant South-Asia:
Vernon D’Cunha Assistant

Ad Providentiam & Regional Assistant Africa:
Fratern Masawe

Regional Assistant South Asia:
Lisbert D’Souza

Regional Assistant Pacific Asia:
Daniel Patrick Huang

Regional Assistant Latin America South:
Claudio Paul

Regional Assistant Central & East-Europe:
Tomasz Kot

Regional Assistant South-Europe:
Joaquín Barrero Díaz

Regional Assistant West-Europe:
Victor Assouad

Regional Assistant South-America North:
Gabriel Ignacio Rodríguez

President Conference US & Canada Provincials:
Timothy Kesicki

President Conference South-Asia Provincials:
George Pattery

President Conference Pacific-Asia Provincials:
Mark Raper

President Conference Latin-America Provincials:
Jorge Cela

President Conference Africa & Madagascar Provincials:
Michael Lewis

Subscribe for all the videos with the best info about the Jesuits, Knight’s of Malta & papal bloodlines.

Subscribe for all the videos with the best info about the Jesuits, Knight’s of Malta & papal bloodlines.


40 Replies to “Jesuits Have Seized The White House – Walter Veith”

  1. I just can not slam the Jesuit pin on Trump. He is not saying the NWO code words. He is NOT taking the orders from the Vatican. The only thing wrong is his huge support of the out of control military. I like Trump. He was NOT all smug at the Al Smith dinner, as veith suggests. He was very counter control and EVERYONE should look up the video of trump and Hillary at the Al smith dinner. Then look up the Obama Romney dinner. SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE MOOD??? It was VERY tense between trump and Hillary. At the Romney Obama dinner you could tell the Jesuits knew it was in the bag, with trump it was NOT.

  2. I like this guy and I believe Satan is working out what the Bible teaches. I think some of the facts Veith has strung together, however, are meant to work intentionally to incriminate just about everyone. I believe he is conflating the facts in order to prove his preconceived suspicions. Some suspicions he has are valid. But some are not, simply because we don’t know everything that is happening behind the scenes. And because of that it’s easy to incriminate people. Our knowing everything isn’t going to save us, Jesus is saving us, now and when the end arrives.

  3. I like Walter and his talks… I just disagree with his objections of the Catholic Church. I do agree with his theory that is HAS BEEN INFILTRATED, that I am for sure on. But his stance on the Catholic Church not being Christ's church which he established is hogwash.

  4. Mike Pence's speech shows the prophesy of Daniel 8:23 is true. "And in the final part of their kingdom, as the transgressors act to a completion there will stand up a king fierce in countenance and understanding ambiguous sayings . And his power must become mighty but not by his own power. And in a wonderful way he will cause ruin, and he will certainly prove successful and do effectively.

    They are just actors but in my opinion Donald Trump is not good at acting or speaking in line with ambiguity whereas Mike Pence may win over those who are ignorant of the mantra. And of course Mike Pence can be applauded by those who are giving him his speech who may well be the R.C.C. if what Walter Veith shows about theatrics by the Catholic Papacy down throughout the ages is as it seems accurate.

  5. If Donald Trump was Christian he would not promulgate war. He would know the ten commandments not to kill, lie, steal and would honour the creator of mankind by honouring God's commandment not to oppress the alien resident etc. If he were a Christian he would know he should return evil for evil to no one Romans 12:17 because a Christian must follow in the footsteps of Christ and would know love does not work evil towards others Romans 13:10. If U.S. and allies did not manufacture and trade in WMD there would be no need to threaten North Korea. Consider the millions killed by the atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and they have now developed more devastating bombs in order to cause mass genocide of the poor indigenous people of this world whilst they plan to hide themselves underground with enough food for years. Will they succeed? Not according to Amos 9:2 "If they dig down to Sheol from there my own hand will take them says the Sovereign God Yah'uav-veh etc..

  6. GOD sets up rulers upon the earth, we are to obey them unless it conflicts with God's law. We should obey God rather than men.Now Obozo the communist clown did everything he could to go against God's laws. We don't know Trumps heart , only God does. God might be dealing with him like he did Nebuchadnezzar. We shall know them by their fruits. So all y'all judging Trump need to take a look in the mirror. Did I judge Obozo the communist clown NO his fruits judged him. Make no mistake, God will judge America, X marks the spot 2017-2024. The calm before the storm. Get ready and get prayed up, get as close to God as you can get. "Trust in God, but keep your powder dry" But God said he would protect me, why keep my powder dry? He also told you to sell your coat and buy a sword, did he not? He knew those evil Joos would be after you.

  7. No one on this planet can make a billion dollars without answering to someone higher up than themselves. I believe they're all in on it together and as members on the world stage their job is just their part of the over all agenda. Either you comply with the demands of the ones who make the rules or lose everything. I think people are blinded by greed and selfishness which binds them to serve an evil purpose.

  8. the Adventists are good people but they didnt take their nice prophetic teaching far enough…they're stuck on Rome when John tells us rome is the 6th head of the beast…'one is yet to come'. Guess who conquered rome at Constantinople in 1463???? ….right! the Ottomon empire.

  9. Wrong! the United states is not the second beast! Of Revelation 13: 11 Mr. Veith should stick to preaching and leave politics alone. The United states can not do miracles, nor force anyone to worship anyone they don't want to. As the image of the beast. the bible says the second beast is a false prophet, Not a false nation. America is not the second beast. Any debates on this matter are welcomed. Better know prophecy, and or bible.

  10. Every Muslim Will Bow Before Jesus

    J. Matt Barber By J. Matt Barber | January 12, 2016 | 10:52 AM EST

    (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
    My goal here is not to offend. Neither is it to persuade. In matters of the spirit, there is but One capable of opening the eyes of the heart. Rather, my objective is to sow seeds of Truth so that the Holy Spirit might, according to His perfect pleasure, purpose and will, cultivate the soul as He deems just.

    We Christ followers are admonished to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us (see Matthew 5:44). This obliges us to at once love and pray for, among other antichrist subsets, the 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide, including the hundreds-of-millions who faithfully embrace Muhammad’s myriad commands of violence against the Christian, the Jew and all other non-Muslims.

    It is impossible to do this in our flesh and can only be accomplished through the supernatural grace and power of the Holy Spirit. It is, indeed, our great hope and prayer that every Muslim – every human being – might surrender self and come to the saving knowledge and grace of Christ Jesus, who, alone, is “the way and the truth and the life.” For, “No one comes to the Father except through [Him]” (see John 14:6).

    To be sure, it is the express desire of both God the Father and Christ His Son that each and every Muslim on earth should abandon Muhammad’s broad path to perdition, turnabout and move toward Christ’s narrow path to eternal life. “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9).

    God both created and loves, in a way incomprehensible to the finite human mind, every human being ever born, or otherwise. He wove us together in our mother’s wombs and numbered our every hair. Yet God the Father has but one begotten Son. The rest of us, in order to become God’s children, must be adopted and grafted into the vine by, in and through the One who is the Son – He who is the Vine: Christ Jesus (see John 15:5).

    Those who are not adopted by God are not children of God.

    And so the Muslim is not a child of God.

    Indeed, to become a child of God, we must ask God, through Christ, to adopt us. We mustn’t just believe upon Him – for “Even the demons believe that” (see James 2:19) – but, rather, we must also receive Him as Lord and Savior. We must follow Jesus, the one true God, as our only God. “But to all who believed him (Jesus) and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:12).

    The pluralist notion that, “There are many paths to God,” is an insidious lie spread by the father of lies himself. Jesus said, “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it” (Matthew 7:13).

    Jesus is the “narrow gate.”

    Merriam Webster defines “pluralism” as “a theory that there are more than one or more than two kinds of ultimate reality.”

    To embrace pluralism is to embrace certain death.

    The aim of pluralist philosophy is to muddy the waters and divert mankind from the “narrow gate” that leads to eternal salvation (Jesus), while, at one go, herding us along the “broad road” to eternal damnation (anything and everything that denies the singular and exclusive deity of Christ, or that rejects the certainty that He alone can save us from hell).

    Pluralism is a non-starter. It is inherently self-contradictory and, therefore, self-defeating. Each of the world’s major religions fundamentally contradicts the other. They cannot all be true. Either one is true or none is true. Pick your “ism,” be it Muhammadism, Hinduism, Buddhism, humanism, atheism, et al., and, serving to undo each, you will find the leavening lie of pluralism.

    Christ is both tolerant and intolerant, utterly exclusive and wholly inclusive. Romans 10:13 promises, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord (Jesus) will be saved.” And John 3:36 warns, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on him.”

    Not only do Muslims reject Christ, the Son of God, but those who are faithful to the teachings of their “prophet” Muhammad persecute, under flame and sword, His very body: the Christian faithful.

    As I’ve said before, Islam is Christianity’s photo-negative. While Christianity brings eternal life to those choosing to surrender to Jesus, who, as He declared in no uncertain terms, is, alone, “the way and the truth and the life,” Islam brings eternal death to those who surrender to Allah, who, as declared Muhammad, is “the best of deceivers” (“[A]nd Allah was deceptive, for Allah is the best of deceivers,” [see Surah 3:54]).

    It’s worth mentioning again here that the Bible similarly calls Satan a deceiver. Revelation 12:9, for instance, explains that he “deceives the whole world.” Even though it is often claimed that Muslims, Christians and Jews “worship the same God,” this is so very much not so. Allah is not God. Allah is the deceiver, and, insofar as Christianity, true Christianity, spreads peace, love and truth – Islam, true Islam, spreads violence, hate and deception. Allah definitely exists. He’s just not God. Though he wanted to “ascend above the tops of the clouds” and “make [himself] like the Most High” (see Isaiah 14:14), Allah, most assuredly, is not God.

    Indeed, the “best of deceivers” cares not whether we worship the idol of self, as do the secular-”progressives,” the deceiver himself, as do the Muslims, or some other false god. The deceptive one cares only that we deny God the Father, Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit, three in one.

    To the Muslim, to everyone, know this: You may deny Christ until the day you die. But soon after, you will deny Him no more. Hate Him you may still, but deny Him you will not. Philippians 2:10-11 assures us, “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

    The die was cast before time began. Every Christian, Jew, atheist and pagan, to include each and every Muslim on earth – or, like Muhammad, who once walked the earth – will, in the end, bow a knee in worship to Jesus.

    Because “in the end” is just the beginning.

    Yet, whether you bow first in this life, or first in the next, you will bow.

    And the when and how will mean much.

    For it will decide the where and how of your eternity.

    Matt Barber is founder and editor-in chief of BarbWire.com. He is an author, columnist, cultural analyst and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. Having retired as an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer, Matt has taken his fight from the ring to the culture war. (Follow Matt on Twitter: @jmattbarber).

  11. We live in a world of extremes – where one side is in their temporary 'happy state' and the other in their temporary 'troubled state' that seems to have no end. Then we become aware that the God-vernmEnT is showing us the hidden videos of our sins? The God-vernmEnT will eventually perfect itself (with its future) and will know even deeper every move you make! Then, when the 'chosen' reach that PERFECT STATE OF BEING (OF IMMORTALITY) – who will say: WE DON'T NEED OUR GOD ANYMORE, FOR OUR GOD-VERNMENT HAS BECOME OUR GOD OF LIVING AND OF CONSCIENCE – AND, THEY CAN PROVE IT BY THE EVIDENCE OF THEIR FRUITS AND YOURS – OF WHAT IS GOOD OR BAD… HOW ARE WE GOING TO ESCAPE NOW, KNOWING THAT THE GOD-VERNMENT IS IN DEED TRULY GOD AND IS TRULY USING THE HOLY SPIRIT AS ITS WEAPON… BUT, ARE WE THERE YET? NOW I, GOD, COME AND SAY: DON'T READ FROM THAT TREE OF KNOWLEDGE (BIBLE), FOR THE DAY YOU DO, YOU WILL SURELY BCome deAD! The question now is, why are we still reading it? We want to know what's good and evil? We want to be like God? Who is tempting you to read it? Who has disguised itself and is saying that am hiding something that you should know? If you had listen then, you would've never known what is Good or Evil. But now, "do you still hide when I come again.." ? YOURS TRULY, GOD!

  12. They are Christians who also embrace the Synagogue of Satan in his support for Israel. I don't think they are Christian at all George W. Bush and George H. Bush both claimed to be Christian and lied to all of us and were Skull and Bones members, but all of them had Jewish roots and Trump has the Lubavitch Chabad, the Jewish Mafia who presented the Noahide Laws and George H. Bush passed the law in 1991, they are in the Trump Tower , and his son-in-law Jared Kushner is a Lubavitch Chabad Member. You think it all comes to the Catholics, the Catholics do not have the blood of the prophets on their hands, they are the World Church, but the Jews are the Anti-Christ and one of them will be the son of perdition. I in know way think that Catholics are really Christian some are, God has people there who are faithful to the truth. Even in the Jewish society God has those whom he has chosen to remain and not die when the tribulation comes.

  13. Where is the statement to CNN from Summer 2015 (that I have watched in Nice France because that was there the only English channel) of Donald Trump when asked: "what about the pope, he is against capitalism"? Trump has answered "I don't care about the pope, I am protestant" and he added "I am going to tell him – ISIS is going to get you" meaning the pope.

  14. Washington was built by Jesuits along with Georgetown University to administrate the country the countries affair from inception. John Carrol Family funded the construction of the District of Columbia for Masonic ties to Black Pope Lorenzo Ricci. Most “ son of liberty” were Mason’s with ties to Gran Lodge in Britain. These founders were all British loyalists aristocrats with roots British secret societies. Washington was family ties to King William of Orange that overthrow King Charles with help of Dutch international merchants Jews. Once the Jews merchants had control of the Royal Crown they established the Worlds first central bank, with the incorporating the City of London to administrate the Dutch East India company. These esquire were members of the Order of Cincinnati that took its marching orders from the Order of the Garter. It’s a invisible control of British territories under the illusion of freedom and only acquiring liberty rights to embarks on Territory under the Doctrine of Discovery issues to Britain by the pope in 1493 under the Treaty of 1213. Why our all politicians, courts and oath are done with the Bible under canon Maritime laws and the pope can overrule these laws. George Washington was a member of a secret royal society called Three Star Families because his blood ties to King William of Orange and he too also set up a centralized bank with ties to merchants in City Of London. Most politicians are member of the barristers ( members of the British Accreditation Registry) Of Royal seals of authorities. the President represents. This information is censored to public knowledge of Plato’s shadow government in the wall of his allegorical cave.imposed by governing schools and institutions.

  15. Ian Mortimer, in his recent biography of Edward III (The Perfect King), calculates that well over 80% and probably over 95% of the 'living English-descended population of England' have Edward III as an ancestor.  He also states that less than 1% of English children (of English-descended parents) born after 1995 are probably not descended from Edward.

    Seeing as Alfred the Great lived 400 years before Edward III I would think 100% of English are descended from him. Realistically. I like Walter Veith – he has a lot of great information – why ruin it with misleading distractions?

  16. This is all a well planned jesuit order plot to make us feel like there doing trump wrong and U.S. has to rise to fight the so called right against the so called left that they created for us to begin with….. This is a jesuit puppet show..sad thing is the i really wanted to believe that trump was his own man a christian man and now i can see the strings attached to him as the jesuit puppet master pulls his strings.. Sad but true pray people pray JESUS CHRIST ONLY 1 WHO CAN HELP US..

  17. fuck it's clear Catholics Jesuits are useing Muslims to kill Christians, war and kill each other..guys I swear karma is on u, I'm tired please we need to begin some sort of movement, I'm calling out we need to do something or this is on our heads, we can't know and do nothing, comment if u think of anyway to get our voices across..or we done

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