Jesuits Have Seized The White House.

The Jesuits Hve now succesfully Taken control of CERN The Lucifer Binocular telescope in Arizona (most powerful telescope on earth) and Finally thru Trump Pence they now have the Whitehouse. Nver before in the history of the world have Jesuits run everything, they now do, and prophecy is being fulfilled.


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  1. i appreciate you&your channel,verry informative to those still asleep,no hate from me at all fam,at all,but may i shine some light on certain information ,in order to point you in the right direction.facts are the jesuits(and masons) have run the world 4 a long tym,the white house is actually named after a jesuit andrew white(also a mason)i dont expect you 2 believe me,i hope you do your own research,but the jesuits run everything including usa,no president is allowed to even run for president unlesss they are jesuits(facts) you do a great job,im glad to see you've started 2 realize jesuits run the world,hope the information ive given helps ,keep up the good work rfb ,peace&blessings 4 all your hard work #mr_cnx aka #conoussier_x =)

  2. Jesuits agenda today is to turn people against truthers…believers in Christ!!! They use all information centers etc etc they are doing a pretty good job into turning people wicked and evil but as the scriptures tell us "the wicked persues wickedness to his death" our Lord Jesus The Alpha and the Omega…The only One True Living God…Jehovah himself will cast these murderers into the lake of fire in due time. God is never slack concerning his promises.

  3. Changing the very foundation of marriage when Obama passed legislation giving Gays and lesbians the right to marry. Thus destroying the family and its foundations. This will have such devastating impacts on everyone. Anti Christian anti white it seems is big money these days. NWO No one will enter the new world order unless they serve Satan I have read on the internet, pornography is 110% Gay, this has caused untold damage, just research Alfred Kinsey a guy who shaped much of the west sexual culture revolution the damage is irreversible and has had profound consequences for society. Single mothers, abortion, mental illness, jail, death, domestic violence, Child protective services, title breakdown.

  4. I'm going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt on all of his knowledge at this point in the video but people change I was a rotten scoundrel and the Lord got a hold of my heart. Proverbs chapter 21 I believe it's the first verse says that God's sways the heart of a king wherever he may wish and I believe that this man has the spirit of jehu on him and I hope to God that Jezebel servants throw her out the window. If he is the only problem he left was that he did not clean up all of the idolatry. He's our interesting times that we live in and we are selling Jesus short of the work that he will do he always always always throws a left hook and is probably good at interdimensional chess also that's a little higher than 4 level.

  5. Just saying president William McKinley isn't related as this suggests. I found out that I am kin to him and after tracing my family roots is does not have anything to do with the royal bloodlines.

  6. It's really communists ,criminals and liars with dual citizenships. Jesuits is used for convenience since everybody knows the Vatican is a shithole country. The cream of the swamp decorates the heads of the nations and stinks in the depths of the creation (result). History was a waste of time. Run a worm up a flagpole and have a look.

  7. Trump is not a jesuit but pope francis is, hillary is a witch bama hated America ,,, Trump was too proud and never gave a shit about all the bullshit that was going on he just liked money and women but now God is using Trump to destroy these creatures,

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