Jesuits, Illuminati and Occult Doctrines 10-10

Uploaded by MiesterNice on Jul 30, 2010 — The Jesuits…This society is highly secretive and for centuries have been forefront in an effort to destroy true Christian teachings and to bring about a New World Order…

This is James Arrabito’s documentary presented in the early 80’s on the fascinating history of the Jesuit Order, the Most Powerful Occult Brotherhood in the World.

Launched by Ignatius Loyola in the 16th century to wage war against the Reformation, the Society of Jesus rapidly spread to every corner of the globe.
The Jesuits insinuated themselves into the affairs of governments, war, banking, oil, business, the church and to this day are very much active behind the scenes.


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  1. today, i went to google on something and it took to me a yahoo forum thing. and one of them gave me a verse and i looked it up in the bible..i dont know where it will be in the bible. plus i never really thought about looking in the blible so i went to google and it will take me to a christian website..and it will give me verses and all of that..

  2. i would by like a fake christian i think…i watch something like this on the history channel, about hell. i would agree, then i would go and do it..i dont know if it was just me, or it was satan in ear..after i saw the video that i watched, i fully understood..i freaked out..i went on my knees, i asked forgiviness, i asked him to bannish satan, his minions, silenced their voices..and i asked him and his son to come into my heart,soul and head…does that make sense..i hope it does..

  3. i was baptized before i turned 21..i think and i dont know this for sure..i think was slowly going away from GOD..i still believed in him and still went to him when i needed him..i dont know if it was the shows i was watching or something else..i accepted him as my lord and savior, i belive he is the only way to heaven and everlasting peace..he was always in my heart. its hard to explain…i would do something wrong, then ask forgiviness then i would do it again.i would talk to him over and over

  4. I kept doing it, i knew lying was wrong..but i did it anyway. there were times that i would lie and i didnt even knew i was lying,untill after i said something. do you think its because i watched those shows, or was it just satan..i prayed to GOD and i asked him to do everything in the commen above.i cryed and i ment what i said. i felt better after.sorry im venting to you think it was cuz of those shows that i use to watch,you think they have anything to do with it,or was it just satan

  5. i was confused on that first part, i asked GOD for help, and i asked some other people too.i did some reaserch. i dont read the bible, cuz i never really think about it. i go straight to google and i went from there. i started reading the bible last night..i needed to read it.after i did all of this,i prayed to GOD forgiviness and i cry.after i did that i felt better, and at you know what im talking about.i watched a few other videos how other people experienced hell and GOD saved them

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