20 Replies to “Jesuits, Illuminati and Occult Doctrines”

  1. I think a little too much subliminal agenda is going on here, the way the script is put on screen can leave an imprint and actually end up doing the devil a favor by subliminal suggestion, it may be enough that the words themselves be put up and read out loud as if to solidify the demonic cause, shepherds be aware that God knows all the subliminal tricks that the darkness can have you believing.
    The truth is much bigger than one may interpret of course and we uphold a law that tells us to swear on a bible that tells us NOT TO> so really when it comes to judging sin who is going to throw the first stone?  It is enough to remember greater is he that is in you than what you beli eve from the world.

  2. If the jesuits are behind the nwo and illuminati so explain how then the number of jesuits have fallen. From in 1965 at 36,038 Jesuits.  Since 1965 there is a steady decline each year resulting in about half the number of Jesuits as there was 45 years ago. 

    TODAY 2010 there are 18,266 and groving part of them are from developing countries.

  3. Simple – the catholic church is not, nor was ever a church under Jesus Christ.

    The Bible says there will be a false gospel, false preachers, and another Christ – this is the anti-Christ (literally means 'replacement Christ').

    There is no justification for murdering people under Jesus – in fact, the RCC did not begin until 325 AD when Constantine I founded it.

    This same man boiled his own daughter in oil when she refused to convert – that is the father of catholicism. Not really surprising eh?

  4. there are only 10 real laws, you can read about them in this fantastic book called the BIBLE!!! Mans law is not real. it tells you how to live. if you follow HIS law then you are obeying the only one who has the right to be called MASTER

  5. easier for his people. He ensured the safety of himself and his family and also his kingdom. also the crusades to find and destroy any evidence that the church was not the only authority to GOD?? I am not a very smart person, but I do know this, YOU CANNOT BUY YOUR WAY INTO HEAVEN!!! NO AMOUNT OF EARTHLY WEALTH WILL GET YOU THERE. You may have money and power now but wait until judgement then you will see you are the poorest of us all!!!!

  6. If every Religions God, or deity is about peace, except for Satanism, then why have more people been slaughtered in the name of God than for anything else?? also, not a shred of proof?? Then why the Crusades by the "Holy" Catholic church executed by the knights Templar to stamp out all religious symbols? if not for Constantine all of Christianity's symbols would be gone. Constantine was very smart to incorporate the symbols of his religion into the conquistadors in order to make the conversion

  7. EG White did not prophesy anything, she just repeated what was already in plain sight. She also taught a lot of false doctrine. One cannot live under two covenants. What did Jesus say about serving two masters? Serve the one, and hate the other… if you live under the Law, you prove you hate Christ.

    Ga 3:24 Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.
    Ga 3:25 But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.

  8. The pope is the anti christ whom the lord JESUS warned us about. Paul clearley told us that satan would hi jack the christian church and install in it a blasphemoues leader who would claim to be christ's equal and who would rule over the leaders of the world from rome with a harlot church which will kill Gods saints. Thats the dark ages. the prophecy continues that this same beast will rule the world again at the end of time right now the popes and jesuits control the illuminati the elite

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