Father Dorian Llywelyn of the Theology Department at LMU in Los Angeles examines the life of Francis Xavier. He shows us why Francis Xavier remains relevant for us today as we continue to experience challenges in preaching the gospel authentically in Asia and elsewhere.

Each Jesuits On… features a member of the Society of Jesus sharing his knowledge and passion on a wide range of subjects, whether it be the life of a famous saint, insights into the penalty or the rapid pace of change in China.


16 Replies to “JESUITS ON…Francis Xavier”

  1. A man came to a our land with a evil intention to covert our people with shallow and premature theories.He and his people killed many and forcefully converted to their desire – not with their goodness but with cheap offerings to the greedy.It was an utter waste any way -nothing new in them.Their thoughts and preachings were rather awkward. They were failed as they were in front of an ocean of time tested thoughts tested by many years-even thousands of years before the birth of their god.They and their upcoming generation will pain and pay a lot to compensate the destruction of many good cultures in all over the world .

  2. Transgender Saints have lethal problems from the point of view of Heavenly Father . Though they have been cannonized by Vatican , Vatican also has had tons of lethal problems and been the NEST of all the EVILS .

  3. jesuits r the real illuminati n the black nobility

    House of Orsini
    House of Aldobrandini
    House of Borja
    House of Breakspeare
    House of Somaglia
    House of Conti
    House of Chigi
    House of Colonna
    House of Farnese
    House of Medici
    House of Gaetani
    House of Pamphili
    House of Este

    masons n jews r subservant to them
    they conciously serve lucifer n ahriman (mefisto n mefistoteles)…carrying out one world kingdom
    everything else is a coverup.

  4. Isn't this the same man who brought Inquisition to Goa?

    It is sad to see people believe this brute to be a saint. Many Indians are not aware of the inquisition of Goa and its history. The inquisition of Goa needs to be researched in thorough detail, and people be made aware of the fiendish and treacherous people who invaded India, first for commerce and then systematically started denigrating and destroying its culture and civilisation. During Portuguese rule, most of the temples were destroyed in Goa, Hindu holy books burnt, people were tortured and forced to become Christians, burnt on stakes, their lands confiscated and looted – all in the name of God! The inquisition lasted for almost two hundred fifty years- that means about 8-9 generations of Goa under this horrendous brutality! I am not surprised that Hindus harbour so much anger against Christians in India.

    Voltaire said on the Portuguese Inquisition in Goa, ” Goa est malheureusement célèbre par son inquisition, également contraire à l'humanité et au commerce. Les moines portugais firent accroire que le peuple adorait le diable, et ce sont eux qui l'ont servi." (Goa is sadly famous for its inquisition, equally contrary to humanity and commerce. The Portuguese monks made us believe that the people worshiped the devil, and it is they who have served him.).

    We must not allow the tyrants of history to be remembered as saints. I urge the Indian people (Christians of Indian origin included- because if you are a christian from Goa, possibly your ancestors were the victims of the torture and the brutality) to put in a petition with the Indian Government to remove his casket from the Basilica of Bom Jesus, declare him a tyrant and strip him of his sainthood. All the Institutions bearing his name in India should be changed too. I am a Catholic and I feel it is high time to do so. I respect Jesus, but not all these tyrant who went around, torturing and enslaving people in the name of Jesus. We cannot change the history, but must have enough courage to see for what it is and its criminality. If Jesus knew of what happened in his name, he will hung his head in shame and disgrace!

  5. I was sitting at the Ford in Melaka ( Malacca ), I know the Jesuit Spirituality. And I tell you I was saved and protected by the Malaysian and Singapore Jesuits but I am an indian jew who have suffered under the Crescent and the Cross. I know so many Jesuits that I love and now stand alone……………..Yesterday (27th feb 2017) a jesuit stood by me as I was speaking up to a great catholic lawyer.

    I am crying silently for so many years…..I have reached the end of the path……….and I have become too frighten by the horrors by a few priest in Singapore- it has become too frightening……..but the Jesuits are real Priest That live up to their calling unlike other orders.

    The Jesuit Society has a place for all without prejudice- I know , I vouch !

  6. thank you so much for sharing these holy Jesuits saints is a great inspiration for all the Catholics. I always love to read stories about the lives of saints since I was young girl and influence my strong Catholic faith.I always for the increase of vocations to religious priesthood and the scholastics who are undergoing their formation to become brothers and future Jesuits.

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