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  1. And the deception still going.. Many blames the Jews more then the Jesuits, They chose not to believe it…That tells me they'll accept a lie over the truth any day, meaning they love the lie over truth, so God shall send them a strong delusion..

    Jesuits has been well documented and even when the reformation was happening was well known..
    btw: Becareful of the newer bibles, They was created by the Jesuits to kill the KJV and the Protestant Reformation.. Which they are still trying to kill..

    But nobody wants to believe that, Oh no, It's all about the Jews.. Pshh if they read the Bible then they'd know that's all a b.s story made up by a Jesuit (True story).

    Jesuits created the Illumaniti and Freemasonry.. Nobody will expose that tho.
    Chris Pinto does an excellent Expose on Catholic Church and the Jesuits

  2. The more I learn, the stupider I get,,my ignorance of truth has been too vast, These truths, I find are true, like demons here, are crazier than any movie, and , if Booth killed Lincoln, I live near the county where he hid and the Dr he sought was well known there,,,so this actor was really serving , with intent of knowing,,,,,,,,,the Jesuits??

  3. "And saying, The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel." (Mark 1:15) The Greek word for 'repent' here is metanoeo, which translated into English means, "to think differently." The noun form of the word is metanoia, meaning, "a change of mind." We turn to Jesus to be forgiven of our sins. We don't turn from our sins in order to trust Jesus. We are saved by acknowledging our sinful condition (Romans 3:19), and believing the Gospel (Mark 1:15). The Gospel is obeyed the moment a sinner trusts in Christ's death on the cross as payment for his/her sins, and Christ's burial and resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:1-4; Romans 10:9-11). Salvation is completely of the Lord. Our part is simply to believe, and
    God does the rest. Hebrews 4:10-11 tells us to completely rest in Christ for salvation. A changed life is the fruit of genuine repentance (James 2:18-21); and not a part of the root of saving faith (Romans 4:5-6).

  4. those of us that know the biblical history of Emmanuel ( Jesus christ) know it was the romans under their catholic religion and state that hounded down Jesus Christ the sun of God and killed him! then, why today, the roman catholic and satanic state have 1-2 billion followers? don't say satan made me do it! or the vatican is a holy place; the roman catholic killed the Son of God! damn it!!!!! why in the name of truth we became the rag that hid the bloody hand that slaughtered the innocent christ? we are not fools! we are willing murderers of the truth and the life!!!!!

  5. jesuits are the trained human evillings of the hell house vatican headed by a pope ( hostile ruler) see term…this group of evil doers serving human kind world wide with the deadly Illuminating poison known as chemtrail. these jesuits work with those of them that are leaders of countries urging these leaders to use chemtrail on their citizens in the reticent introduction of new world order…one world govt… system being promoted by the vatican and the shadow world govt. we can't get rid of chemtrail poison untill millions can be rallied around the world in squares praying to the almighty father to smite the evil doers. he will answer, no matter if the good God is resting. prayers from sevveral billion people around the world shall move God to act. we must believe and do this. satan is watching our faith and waiting to strike where people lost faith.

  6. The circumventing of the truth is the working of Satan who steals away the truth men hold in an intellectual seat, who cannot understand. For stealing away the pleasant bread Satan keeps the mind blinded from the truth > 2 Corinthians 4:3-4

  7. I watched the whole video.

    To my surprise, the author used the name of Our Creator, Yahuah (Yahawah) the King of Kings.

    To all you deniers, consider.

    To all the believers, prepare.

    To the mockers, wait, for we too shall be waiting.

    Peace to the Upright and Truthful. May the Most High Almighty return us to the land we came from so long ago in our indiscretion, may we be forgiving and purified of our ignorance and forgetfulness. I pray the sleeping lion awake.

  8. It seems they are trying again.
    As for me I believe that the jeSuitS,
    have infiltrated the 6000 year old fraternity of masons, and seek to demonize masons who started the USA; like George Washinton, Franklin and Paul Revere etc…
    I have seen many infiltrators in our lodges, who pretend to love the US and pretend to be masons, but are really kkk, New Black Panthers, jeSuitS, and the like, They become members only to discredit the Masons and use us as a scapegoat

  9. The white Roman Catholic Church and the free masons made the up to what they wanted to control and program the people .
    OK what race say they're God's race and others are unfit to live ? What race love kill and rape babies and have sex with their sister or mother and have babies by their familie members and say other races lower than them but they rape and have mixed kids they even in slave them and rape them to? Did you know the Roman men are so gay even in the Roman Catholic Church?
    What race has lies about human History and made a God to look them and told you slave's obey you masters and say that God Is love yet they hate and kill and in slave and rape other races and go to the white man's churches ather killing people like the mafia and the kkk and Margret Sanger David Duke and D Trump ? Who programmed Black's and people or color to be ignorant with ignorant stuff and Lie's? O yes we have woke up to who the evil ones truly are . yes we know you love war as long as you're not fighting it you start them every with every race and get rich doing it. Now who are you who who the fuck are you ? We all know who you are , a race of evil kerkazod.

  10. Okay, America do i really watching and hearing what i think am watching????????????????? So that mean a lot of people been warning you and the hold world about this all along they all know about this for so long? what do you all need someone to tell all of you useless eater what to dooooooooooooooooooo LOL what the FUCK??????????????????????????????????????????????????????…. LESTIN I WANT TO SEE IT ….

  11. The anti-christ biblical characteristics:

    1. All ready working in the time of the Apostles (1John 4:3, 1 Peter 5:13, 2Thess 2:3-7).
    2. Came out of the forth beast in the book of Daniel.
    3. Among the ten horns.
    4. After the ten horns/kingdoms.
    5. Exoteric and Esoteric religion.
    6. A man.
    7. Diverse from former kingdoms (state craft and church craft).
    8. Uproots three horns/kingdoms (Heruli, Ostrogoths, Vandals).
    9. Greater than the former beast/kingdoms.
    10. Makes war with the saints.
    11. Speaks pompous words against God.
    12. Blasphemes God.
    13. Blasphemes the temple of God.
    14. Blasphemes the angels of God.
    15. Thinks to change times (the LORDS day)
    16. Thinks to change the law of God (Decalogue).
    17. 1260 year rule of church and state.
    18. Goes into captivity.
    19. With the sword he must be killed.
    20. The wound is healed.
    21. The number of his name is 666 (in Greek, Italian and Latin).

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