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  1. the originis of the jesuits arent the knight templars
    their roots are probably coming from the academy of gundishapur

    Jesuits are THE ultra romanist occult secret society … with the intention of world domination by all means .. just like in the old times .. power over all

    "the end justifies the means"

    this book was meant to be banned by the jesuits however they made it
    they realized too late that they revealed too much in it of their
    true identity, and tried to make it disappear.,+Antwerpen&dcr=0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjEjrSCidHZAhXBbVAKHahsCkUQ_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=875#imgrc=_

    symbols are talkin for themselves ..
    the jesuits are the gray hand behind both left and right .. all the politics
    "divide et impera"

    Giulio Cesare Cordara jesuit priest
    "Our main sin probably is arrogance which has lead us to think that all other priesthood in the world are wortless"

    Actually jesuits are practiosing all the three Christian main sin
    namely : superbia, tyrannia, luxuria

    Quote from Rudolf Steiner about jesuitism.

    Jesuits belong to Occult Brotehrhoods they are rooting in real occultism
    All jesuit training aim to make the principle able of having a certain affect on other people
    or the mass which impacts goes right into the feeling not the intellect.
    a perfect example of it was the jesuit state in paraguay.

    People are mostly aware of that Freemasons and Jesuits are enemies they fight each other vica versa
    However the high ranked jesuits and masons form a separate brotherhood within their society and they
    work together, they are like state within a state.
    Just think about it what can they achieve this way, on one hand they have a influential Masonic society
    which is working towards a certain goal and on the other hand they agree with jesuit societies
    to work together for accomplish a bigger plan.

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